Explore these 6 Places where Sun never sets 

6 Places where Sun never sets 

by Vedika Soni
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6 Places where Sun never sets

Explore these 6 Places where Sun never sets

Our daily lives follow a 24-hour cycle, with around 12 hours of daylight and the remaining hours dedicated to nighttime. However, There are 6 Places where Sun never sets  we can also say sun doesn’t set for consecutive 70 days  resulting in a unique process that even locals find perplexing. So, prepare to explore such areas throughout these 6 Places where Sun never sets 

But did you know there are some regions that have never seen a sunset? These areas are known by a variety of titles, including the land of the midnight sun, the land where the sun never sets, the land without sunset, and so on. Here’s a list of ten places on Earth where people have never seen the sunset.

List of 6 Places where Sun never sets

1. Nunavut,Canada

6 Places where Sun never setsNunavut, which has a population of little over 3000, is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, two degrees above the Arctic Circle. This city experiences nearly two months of continuous sunlight, while its winters are marked by approximately 30 consecutive days of complete darkness.

2. Iceland

6 Places where Sun never setsIceland, Europe’s largest island after Great Britain, gets clear evenings during the summer. In June, areas of Iceland, particularly the city of Akureyri and Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle, see the Midnight Sun phenomena, which occurs when the sun never sets.

3. Norway

6 Places where Sun never setsNorway, located in the Arctic Circle, is commonly known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. From May to late July, Norway has approximately 76 days of uninterrupted daylight. The sun shines continuously on Svalbard, Norway, Europe’s northernmost populated territory, from April 10 to August 23. Planning a visit during this period allows you to enjoy days without evenings.

4. Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska experiences continuous sunlight from late May to late July, which is followed by a period known as the polar night, which lasts 30 days beginning in November. The region, noted for its snow-capped mountains and breathtaking glaciers, is completely dark during the hard winter months.

5. Sweden

Barrow, AlaskaFrom early May to late August, Sweden experiences the sun sinking around midnight and rising around 4 a.m. Some places in Sweden may get constant sunshine for up to six months of the year, allowing for long days filled with adventurous activities like golfing, fishing, and trekking.

6. Finland

6 Places where Sun never setsFinland, known as the land of a thousand lakes and islands, receives direct sunlight for only 73 days a year during the summer. During this time, the sun shines constantly, whereas in the winter, it is dark. Sleep patterns are influenced by the specific light circumstances, with summer sleep being shorter and winter sleep being longer.

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