Discovering Kunti Betta: An Ideal Destination for Hikers

by Vedika Soni
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Discovering Kunti Betta

Discovering Kunti Betta: An Ideal Destination for Hikers


Discovering Kunti BettaTucked away in the picturesque districts of Karnataka, Kunti Betta is a charming trekking location. Taking its name from the legendary Kunti of the Mahabharata, this scenic spot entices those looking for a thrilling trekking experience paired with stunning scenery.

A brief description of Kunti Betta

Discovering Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta, a pair of twin hills, is around 125 kilometres from Bangalore and provides a moderate hiking experience that is appropriate for both novice and experienced hikers. Not only is the walk itself enticing, but these hills also have historical and folkloric value.

Ideal Time to Go

The post-monsoon months of October through March are the best times to start the Kunti Betta trek because of the good weather, excellent views, and cosy walking conditions.

Trek Specifics

Trek Route and Difficulty

The walk is rated as medium-easy and takes three to four hours to accomplish on average. It is accessible to even the most inexperienced hikers because of its gentle elevation and clearly designated pathways. The trail passes through rocky areas, lush fields, and ultimately a difficult but doable ascent to the summit of the hill.

Scenery Views

Trekkers are rewarded with expansive views of the surrounding countryside, lush farms, and neighbouring lakes while travelling. Adventurers are rewarded at the peak with a stunning 360-degree panorama of the surroundings, making it the ideal spot to see the sun setting or rising.

Safety Procedures

Even though the hike is mild, you should wear good trekking shoes, bring plenty of water, and use caution because the terrain is rough. To guarantee safety, it’s best to hike in groups and stay on designated trails.

Tours with a Guide

Trekking groups and local guides frequently arrange guided excursions, which enhance the entire trekking experience by offering insights into the historical significance and local anecdotes about the area.


How to Get There

By car, Kunti Betta is accessible from Bangalore by travelling along Mysore Road and then turning into Pandavapura. Self-driven cars, buses, and private taxis are typical modes of transportation.


Adventurers often camp atop Kunti Betta; however, for those looking for more comfortable lodging, neighbouring towns like Pandavapura have guesthouses and homestays available.

Water and Food

It’s a good idea to pack enough food and drink for the walk. There may be restaurants in the nearby towns where hikers can enjoy regional cuisine either before or after the trip.

Tips and Suggestions

Things to Bring

To stay hydrated, bring at least two litres of water per person.

Snacks: fruits, nuts, and energy snacks to keep you fueled throughout the hike.

Equipment for trekking: waterproof clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes.

Bandages, antibacterial creams, and basic pharmaceuticals make up a first-aid kit.

Degree of Fitness

A rudimentary degree of fitness is advised to comfortably handle the trail’s inclines and rough portions, even though the walk is appropriate for most fitness levels.

Responsible Hiking

Responsible HikingTo lessen your impact on the environment, respect it by picking up all of your garbage, not destroying the local flora and animals, and staying on authorised pathways.

Individual Narratives and Experiences

Traveller Narratives

Many hikers have written about their experiences, describing as unforgettable the peaceful splendour of the sunrise from the peak and the placid atmosphere atop Kunti Betta.

Images and Videos

Gorgeous photos that capture the expansive vistas, tranquil settings, and triumphant moments atop the hill create captivating imagery that draws more travellers to discover this hiking treasure.

In conclusion

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our travel guide, “Discovering Kunti Betta: An Ideal Destination for Hikers.” Explore the scenic beauty and hiking trails of Kunti Betta, a perfect haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Uncover the charm of this picturesque destination, known for its breathtaking landscapes and invigorating hiking experiences. With its fascinating trekking paths, historical significance, and stunning scenery, Kunti Betta welcomes both nature lovers and thrill-seekers. Because of its modest difficulty and breathtaking views, it’s a must-visit destination that guarantees an amazing experience.

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