Droog Fort in Ooty

by Vedika Soni
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Droog Fort Ooty

“Droog Fort Ooty: Where History Meets Breathtaking Natural Beauty”

The old Droog Fort in Ooty is located in the alluring Nilgiri Hills of Coonoor, amidst the delicate beauty of nature. If you are considering staying in Ooty for three days or longer, this magnificent citadel is only an hour away and is unquestionably a must-see.

Tipu Sultan utilized Droog, one of the most notable forts close to Ooty, as a military outpost in the 18th century, likely because to its breathtaking location 1918 meters above sea level. Additionally, there is a lookout next to the fort that may have been used to keep an eye on the attackers from a distance.

Droog Fort Ooty

According to mythological tales, a demon by the name of Bakasura once resided in this location, which is why it is also known as Pakasuran Malai. It is referred to as Hulika Durg in Kannada because of the nearby hamlet Hulikal. According to legend, Badaga killed a man-eater near Hulikal, also known as Tiger Stone.

Droog Fort in Ooty  nevertheless manages to draw tourists from near and far despite being in ruins with only a wall standing today because of its commanding location and breathtaking views.

How to Get There?

The lovely hill station of Ooty is around 30 kilometers away from the old and dilapidated fort. In less than an hour, you may take a taxi from Ooty to the 27-kilometer-distance Nonsuch Tea Estate, where you can start the climb to Droog while taking in the expansive vistas of the verdant surroundings. Then, through the pathway along the estate, you may begin the 3-kilometer ascent to the summit of Droog Fort.

What activites to Do?

Visitors have plenty of time to enjoy the scenic hike, learn about the history, and take in the calming view of the surrounds because the fort is open from dawn till dusk. The fort also draws a sizable number of animal and bird enthusiasts. They can get a peek of some of the rare birds and animals that live there, such as flying foxes and Malabar squirrels.

Droog Fort Ooty


Be cautious of the nearby wild bison while exploring Droog.

The fort is a well-liked location for picnic lunches as well, where you may savor a delectable meal while taking in the breathtaking views of the area. You also need to refuel after the strenuous hike to the fort!

No matter why you choose to visit the crumbling Droog Fort historical site, it is unquestionably one of the top free things to do in Ooty.

So why are you still waiting? Set off on this journey that will live in your memory forever!

Around Ooty: Around 30 kilometres

Location: Coonoor

Timings: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Entry Fee: Nothing



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