Top Most Haunted Locations in Goa 2024

by Vedika Soni
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Top Most Haunted Locations in Goa 2024

Last updated on May 7th, 2024 at 09:04 am

Top Most Haunted Locations in Goa 2024

Goa is known for its nightlife, beach parties, water activities, casinos, and delicious food. But the city has a sinister underbelly that has been kept hidden, and for good reason. We have List of Most Haunted Locations in Goa 2024.

1. Three kings Church, Goa

Top Most Haunted Locations in Goa 2024

There are churches all around Goa. Ironically, there are too many stories about ghosts and spirits associated with them. True or rumors, claims of paranormal activity in these areas have frequently made the news. If you’re planning a trip to Goa, add a new level of adventure by visiting the most haunted spots in the area. And if you’re a resident, make sure to visit them at least once. This is one of the Most Haunted Location in Goa .

2. Rachol Seminary Arch

Top Most Haunted Locations in Goa 2024

The Rachol Seminary Arch is another haunting location in Goa. According to rumors, on certain days, a guard ghost travels to and fro under the arch, refusing access to anybody it deems unworthy. This is not a new phenomenon; the ghost has existed since the Portuguese era.

3. Jakni Bandh, Goa

Jakni Bandh, Goa tripowe.com

Jakni Bandh, a temporary bridge between Navelim and Drampur, is another haunted place in Goa. Once, a school bus overturned, killing all of its passengers, the majority of whom were schoolchildren. Many people have reported hearing the cries of small children at night.

4. Ghost Hotel

Ghost Hotel tripowe.com


The abandoned hotel complex, nicknamed the Ghost Hotel, was being built by the Russians. Due to legal issues, it was never completed. The vacant expanses and vegetation in the vicinity create a creepy atmosphere to the incomplete motel. People who have visited Agonda beach and the hotel precincts have reported paranormal activities in the hotel complex, albeit in small numbers. This hotel is one of the Most Haunted Locations in goa .

5. Baytakhol, Goa

Baytakhol, Goa tripowe.com

Baytakhol, another horror destination in Goa, is located between Dhavali and Bori. Rumors circulate of a woman seen screaming out for aid on the side of the road. If someone crosses her and looks back, he will only see an empty road. This horror narrative has gained popularity due to the high frequency of vehicle accidents.



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