Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

by Vedika Soni
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Adventure Sports in Goa


Travelers looking to create lasting experiences and bohemians alike love Goa. Foreigners and Indians alike haven’t found the state to be a great place to go and party. Why shouldn’t it be, given that there are extensive sections of stunning (albeit occasionally busy) scenery and delicious seafood prepared in shack-like restaurants? To suggest that Goa is a place where people are constantly surprised would be an understatement.There are Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa that you should not miss.

1. Water skiing in Goa

Water skiing in Goa

As you fly across the ocean, water and wind splash in your face. Try water skiing if it sounds like your kind of adventure. This is a well-liked water sport in Goa and is suitable for anyone who can handle some movement that makes their stomach turn. Things to Do in Goa can be found here as well.

Before getting on the speedboat, one skill you need have is the ability to swim. And only you should choose this adventurous activity if you can brace yourself for speeds of 40 to 60 km/h.

Level of Adrenalin Pumping:High

Popular locations include Baga Beach, Majorda Beach, Mobor Beach, and Goa.

Favorite Season:

Oct. through Feb.

Price range

₹ 500 – 1200

2.Goa’s wakeboarding and kneeboarding

Goa's wakeboarding and kneeboarding

This water activity is a lot of fun and less of a problem when it comes to training and adhering to instructions. It has lately acquired popularity on all the well-known beaches in Goa. Wakeboarding involves being dragged forward on the water by a speedboat while learning to balance a board with just one hand. We assure you that while it may seem intimidating, it is actually an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

If you don’t want to face the waves while standing up, you can make it less intimidating by getting down on your knees. Additionally, this is kneeboarding.

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Moderate

Popular locations for it: Goa’s Mobor Beach, Candolim Beach, and

Favorite Season: Oct. thru Mar.

Price range: 1500 and later

 3.Goa kite surfing

Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Kite surfing is a well-liked adventure sport in Goa, but it is not for the timid. This one involves using a power kite, which calls for thorough instruction that familiarizes you with how to control the kite while you are on the water, moving quickly, or in the air.

It is an activity that can only be performed by adults and calls for expert supervision. You can get a sense of what we mean if you picture a cross between wakeboarding, jet skiing, and surfing. You will need to get going early because the winds will be in your favor then. When you try out this thrilling-as-hell activity, you must, of course, also take the season into account.

Pumping of Adrenaline: High

Popular locations: Arambol, Morjim, Mondego Bay, and Goa beaches

Ideal Season: April through September

Price range: from 2500 on

4. Water sports, Goa

Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

People who have lived their entire lives on land will find the marine life to be a true awakening. Additionally, scuba diving will relieve your curiosity if you are fascinated by this limitless and enigmatic aquatic life. Once you are underwater, you may explore everything, from vibrant fish to stunning coral reefs.

It is worthwhile to give scuba diving in Goa a try because the cost is reasonable. If you sign up for it, you’ll be able to dive in open water to depths of 5 to 10 meters. If you make a reservation through the proper agency, you will undoubtedly be under professional supervision.One if the Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Level of Adrenalin Pumping:

Simple to High

Popular locations for it:

Pigeon Island, Goa, and Grand Island

Popular Season:


5.Goa windsurfing

Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Another well-liked water sport in Goa is windsurfing, which combines sailing and surfing. This is regarded as a rather challenging activity that needs some practice. To quickly and accurately alter the sails to the wind’s constantly shifting direction, you must be physically fit. You will also be at sea constantly on the strongest waves.

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Moderate

Popular locations for it:

Beaches at Calangute, Vagator, Colva, Miramar, and Dona Paula

Favorite Season:Oct. thru Mar.

Price range ₹ 400 – 600

6.Goa White Water Rafting

Goa White Water Rafting

We strongly advise you to attempt the well-known adventurous sport of white water rafting in Goa even though it is very popular in Rishikesh. People frequently try to minimize this thrilling sport due to the prominence of other water rides in Goa.

At the most affordable rates in Goa, you may either join a group trip or reserve the entire thing for you and your loved ones. Typically 10 km long, the white water rafting stretch is filled with places where the current is strong and the flow is swift. You will receive the appropriate instructions, as well as the gear like life jackets and oars, from the organization you book your adventure with. Therefore, if you’re organizing a trip to Goa with your friends and family, don’t skip this one.One if the Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Moderate

Popular locations include the Tilari River, Mandovi River, and Goa.

Favorite Season: May to September

Price Spiral:1500 and later

7. Goa kayaking

Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Kayaking is a great idea if you want to unwind and just take in Goa’s surroundings after all the daring activities. Depending on where you schedule your adventure, this relaxing water activity takes you through Goa’s backwaters and less-traveled areas.

You should attempt kayaking during the monsoon season because the slight mist makes the experience much more memorable. Check out GoAir Web Check-in as well.

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Easy

Popular locations for it: Goa’s Hollant Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Zuari Backwaters, Sal, and Mandovi

Favorite Season: Oct. through May

Price Spiral: ₹ 1600 – 3200

8. Goa jet skiing

Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Hire a jet scooter, then take off in true Bollywood fashion! When jet skiing is mentioned, this is what most people picture, although the reality is rather similar. Train for a bit, master your water scooter, and you should be good to go.

The excitement of surfing can be experienced alone, but it’s even more fun when a buddy, member of your family, or your significant other joins you. If you are unable to swim, life jackets are a need.

9. Banana Boat Rides in Goa

Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

If you thought that North Goa was the only place to have fun, you are in for a surprise because South Goa’s water activities are just as exhilarating and well-liked. For instance, if you are on vacation with family and friends, banana boat rides are one such aquatic activity you must not miss. One if the Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa .

You’ll be sitting on a banana-shaped boat with other participants in this water sport. To advance against the ocean waves without falling over would be difficult in this situation. But if you do fall over once or twice, it is still entertaining.

Adrenalin Pumping Level: Moderate

popular locations for it: Goa’s Anjuna, Candolim, Vagator, Miramar, and Agonda Beach

Best Time of Year:

Range of prices: starting with 700

10. Parasailing in Goa.

Parasailing in Goa.

The ocean winds are making you fly through the air. The unending Arabian Sea is located below. That sort of adventurous activity sounds like something you’d enjoy, don’t you think? Then Goa’s water activity of choice for you to experience is parasailing.One if the Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

A winch boat will accept your parachute either out or attached. As a result of being able to immediately land on the winch boat itself, the latter option is now preferred.

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Medium to High

Popular locations for it: Baga, Arambol, and Goa’s Dona Paula Beach

Favorite Season: Oct. thru Mar.

Price Spiral: ₹ 850 – 1200

11. Goa snorkeling

Goa snorkeling tripowe

Consider snorkeling if scuba diving is too much trouble for you. Many tourists who don’t want to train before participating in the adventure prefer snorkeling because it offers a nearly identical surreal feeling of burying yourself below with marine wildlife.

You may explore and take in the splendor of the huge ocean once you are underwater. You can discover everything underwater, from lionfish, snappers, and batfish to World War II shipwrecks. If your adventurous spirit is shouting with delight, we advise that you book your excursion before making travel arrangements.

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Easy

Locations Known For It: Goa’s Navy Island, Grand Island, and Bat Island

Favorite Season: Oct. thru Mar.

Price Spiral: 1700 and later

12. Goa paddleboarding

Goa paddleboarding tripowe

Paddleboarding in Goa is last but by no means least. While it may appear to be a simple sport, the process of simply balancing everything will exhaust you (and leave you feeling completely pleased).

In order to stay upright against the roaring waves, you must stand up on a surfboard while holding a paddle in one hand. Therefore, paddleboarding may be the adventure activity for you if the intrepid and thrill-seeking part of you is craving something novel. Before beginning this thrilling activity in the Arabian Sea, make sure to register with a reputable organization and practice for a few days.One if the Top 12 Adventure Sports in Goa

Level of Adrenalin Pumping: Moderate

Popular locations for it: Goa’s Mobor Beach, Candolim, and Rajbaga

Favorite Season:Oct. through May

Price range:1500 and later

Are you excited for your next Goa adventure? We certainly hope so, as this is by no means a complete list of things to do in Goa. Furthermore, there are a ton of attractions in Goa, including the beaches we previously mentioned as well as other beaches, Portuguese churches, wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantations, waterfalls, lakes, and more. Overall, Goa is a place that will never stop surprise you, even if it is your nth time there.


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