Ahmedabad’s Maniar’s Wonderland Hours, Ticket Prices, and Location

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Ahmedabad’s Maniar’s Wonderland is a one-stop shop for entertainment, excitement, and pleasure. This unique theme park offers the best of all worlds by combining an amusement park, a water park, and a snow park. You will be entertained for hours on end by the diverse and exhilarating selection of rides, attractions, and activities at each of these parks. The park, which is about 11 km from the city, promises an amazing experience for everyone—children, adults, friends, families, couples, and coworkers. Make sure to include this theme park in your schedule if you intend to stay in Ahmedabad for a few days.

Want to learn more about the enjoyable things Maniar’s Wonderland has to offer? You can find all the information you need here, including information on each park’s attractions and activities, opening hours, entry costs, packages, food options, and other amenities.


Information about Maniar’s Wonderland in Ahmedabad

Location: Highway Sarkhej Sanand

Distance : Ahmedabad Railway Station is 14 km away and Ahmedabad Airport is 23 km away from the city’s major transportation hubs.

Timings: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., every day

Entry Fee for Amusement Park 

Admission to the amusement park is 180 for kids and 220 for adults.

Includes only admittance; each ride is additional and costs between 30 and 100 per session. Children under the age of two are not charged to enter.

Snow Park entrance fee

For kids, 400; for adults, 450. includes registration fees and costs for costumes and winter clothing. Young children under the age of two are admitted free.

Charges for a Water Park

Hourly rates for private reservations. For information, get in touch with the park administration.

AttractionsATV motorcycles, slingshots, bumping cars, toy railways, cricket zone, zip lines, 5D movies, lazy pools, etc. are some of the attractions.

Ahmedabad’s Maniar’s Wonderland Amusement Park

The amusement park Maniar’s Wonderland is a terrific location to let your adventurous side out. More than 15 great rides and other activities for people of all ages are available at the park to entertain visitors.

Ahmedabad's Maniar's Wonderland

This amusement park offers exciting rides like Joy Trains, Crazy Cars, Bumping Cars, and Buggy Rides that will transport you back to your younger years. With the Sling Shot, you can spin in the air at a height you’ve never experienced while defying gravity. The Aqua Ball is another option that lets you test walking on water. Nothing beats the Aqua Roller, which causes you to float on the waterbed, if you wish to unwind on the water.

Want to test your sense of adventure? Take a wild spin on the Wonder Chair or a heart-pounding journey on the Zip Line. The park’s Cricket Zone is a great area for cricket enthusiasts to practise their batting techniques. The Jumping Jack or the Sit and Slide games are great for the little ones to have fun. At Maniar’s Wonderland Amusement Park, you may take advantage of the 5D Cinema experience in addition to the rides and adventure games.

While summer is not the ideal time to visit Ahmedabad, if you do find yourself there during these sweltering months, head to Maniar’s Wonderland Water Park to cool off. The park offers a thrilling selection of water-based games and attractions.

The lazy pool, where you may spend hours and have a blast with family and friends, is a key draw at this waterpark in Ahmedabad. The best thing, though? This indoor water park offers private booking options, so you can reserve it only for you and your family or friends. Hourly reservations are possible, and you may either sit back and unwind while taking a ride with your loved ones. So now you know where to go if you want to have some family fun in total privacy.

Who says that to experience icy winters, one must travel to places like Kashmir or Switzerland? Even when it’s sweltering outside, Ahmedabad’s one-of-a-kind Maniar’s Wonderland Snow Park can magically transport you to a paradise of snow. Doesn’t that sound like a really “cool” concept?

Enjoy a plethora of snow-related activities and games while you’re here. Making a snowman or sliding down the frozen slides are good places to start. Or how about throwing snowballs at your loved ones? Once the battle is over, enter the igloos, stand close to the penguin sculptures, and have your photo taken. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the minus five degrees while all of this is going on.

The 8,000 square foot snow park at Maniar’s Wonderland is a fantastic location for a picnic in Ahmedabad, especially in the summer. To ensure your safety and comfort while playing in the snow, you will be provided with the required winter gear on a returnable basis, including gloves, boots, jerkins, socks, ear protection, etc.

Ahmedabad’s Maniar’s Wonderland offers dining and other amenities.You’ll want to refuel your energy after hours of excitement and fun at each of these parks. There is a food court at Maniar’s Wonderland where you may savour a wide variety of cuisines. The park also offers the following extras:

Ahmedabad's Maniar's Wonderland

Parking spaces


A scenario for a party

Featuring a football field, volleyball court, and cricket field along with other amenities, Hit Wicket is a play area.

Nearby Maniar’s Wonderland attractions

Alpha One Mall(10 km)

Law Garden Night Market (11 km)

Bhadra Fort (12 km)

Roza of Shah-e-Alam (12 km)

Mosque of Siddi Saiyed (12 kilometres)

Teen Darwaza (13 miles)

Rani no Hajiro (13 km)

(13.5 km) Jama Masjid

Jhulta Minara 14 km)

Lake Kankaria (14 kilometres)

Sabarmati Riverfront 14 km)

Gujarat Science City (14 km)

A day at Maniar’s Wonderland will be a day to remember with so much to do and see. In order to have quick access to the park, we advise you to look for lodging inside the city limits.


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