Bekal Fort : Unveiling History and Coastal Charms

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Bekal Fort


Kerala is known for more than just its serene backwaters, beautiful beaches, swaying coconut trees, Ayurvedic treatments, and exotic spices. It can astonish you with its historical treasures as well. The Bekal Fort is one such jewel is located at the meeting point of land and sea, is a treat for both history aficionados and those who enjoy the outdoors. The largest and best-preserved fort in Kerala is an enormous and spectacular keyhole-shaped laterite fortification. It commands stunning views of the Arabian Sea and Bekal Fort Beach from its perch atop a high hill. Bekal Fort is a well-liked destination among tourists because of its opulent construction and peaceful position by the sea. Additionally, the fort has been given care because of its historical significance.

Approximately 68 kilometres separate Bekal Fort from Kasaragod and 15 km from Mangalore. A visit to Bekal Fort would enthrall you if Indian history, ancient buildings, and scenic landscapes intrigue you. Here are some details to help you better plan your trip, including its opening hours, admission costs, and more.

Information about Bekal Fort

Location : Bekal, beside the Bekal Fort Railway Station on Kasaragod Road

Timings : 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Used materials: Sandstone and laterite

Entrance: Z-shaped entrance

Entrance Fee: INR 20 per individual

Ideal Season : October to March

Time Needed: 2-3 hours

History of Bekal Fort

The history of Bekal Fort is extensive because it served as a fortress for numerous kings, sultans, and British forces.

Even though King Shivappa Nayak is thought to have built the fort, there are a number of alternate explanations for how it came to be. As forts of this type were constructed in the past for defensive purposes, it is thought that Bekal Fort existed during the reign of Chirakkal or Kolathiri Rajas. Later, Bednore’s King Shivappa Nayak attacked and restored it. In order to fortify Bekal and other locations in the Kasaragod district, it is also claimed that the Nayaks imported the Koteyar/Ramakshatriya community there.

The Kolathiries and Nayaks fought a protracted war to retake and control the region. However, the Sultan of Mysore, Hyder Ali, seized Bekal in 1763, putting an end to this conflict. Later, Tipu Sultan and his troops utilized the fort as a crucial military base when on an expedition to seize Malabar. However, the British East India Company took control of the fort after Tipu Sultan’s death in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799. Bekal Fort was also used by the British for military and administrative purposes. Kasaragod joined Kerala when the State Reorganisation Act was passed in 1956.

Attractions at Bekal Fort

Anjaneya Temple: There is a temple to Lord Hanuman at the fort’s entrance. It is thought that the shrine predates the fort itself. It has lately undergone renovations and is a popular destination for visitors and worshippers.

Mosque : Just outside Bekal Fort, you can also view a mosque that Tipu Sultan constructed.

Tower of Observation: A series of stairs leads up to the tower, which is located in the fort’s center. It is around 80 feet in circle and 30 feet tall. The tower provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea’s rocky shoreline and the surrounding greenery.

Getting to Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort

You can select a convenient form of transportation to go to Bekal because the town is well connected by air, rail, and road. The distance between the fort and Mangaluru International Airport is 71 kilometers. There is a train station in Bekal, although it has poor connectivity. Therefore, it is preferable to travel to Kasaragod (18 km) or Kanhagad (9 km) railway stations, from which you can take a taxi to travel the remaining distance. You can also take a private vehicle, a taxi, or a bus to get to the fort from neighboring towns and cities because Bekal has strong road access.

Nearby sights

Bekal is home to a variety of popular tourist destinations, from sandy beaches and lovely backwaters to imposing forts and temples. Near the fort, a few must-see places to visit are:

Beach at Bekal Fort (120 m)

Beach at Bekal (1 km)

Park at Bekal Beach (1 km)

Pallikare Beach(2 km)

Tryambakeshwara Temple at Trikkannad (3 km)

Waterfalls of the Kottappara Monsoon (5 km)

Sree Madiyan Kolam Kshethrapalaka Temple(8 kilometers)

Beach at Kanhangad (10 kilometers)

10 miles from Chandragiri Fort

Fort Hosdurg (12 km)

Chembirika Beach(14 km)


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