Best Waterparks in Goa

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Best Waterparks in Goa


Goa is a place renowned for its beautiful beaches, bays with golden sand, churches with stunning architecture, imposing forts, mouthwatering cuisine, and legendary nightlife. The area has developed into a top holiday spot for both domestic and international travellers throughout the years. This tropical haven is divided into North Goa and South Goa, both of which will wow you with their tranquilly and genuineness. No matter which area of Goa you decide to visit, the area is brimming with surprises. Thanks to its extensive coastline of beaches, Goa is unquestionably one of the best places in the nation to have a tonne of fun in the water, here is the Best Waterparks in Goa.

You want to do more than merely wander the beaches. Then a fun-filled day at one of Goa’s water parks won’t let you down. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of some of North Goa’s and South Goa’s top water parks.

Waterpark Splashdown ,Calangute-Anjuna Road

Boulevard Baga-Arpora ,Blue Whale Water Park

Froggyland Pateapur, New Zealand

The Pascoal Farm ,Near Nagesh Water World

North Goa Water Parks

The majority of the state’s nightclubs, party beaches, and watersports are located in North Goa. Naturally, the majority of tourists visit this area of Goa. Although there are many ways to find thrill and have a good time in North Goa, the water parks listed below might add to the extravaganza.

  1. North Goa’s Splashdown Water Park

Best Waterparks in Goa

The best spot in Goa is where you should dive in and unwind since it will make you yell “woo-hoo” on every ride. Splashdown Water Park is renowned for its tranquil pools and pulse-pounding attractions. With more than 5 pools and a number of slides, this location stands out as the ideal setting for a family reunion or a day out with friends. There are kid-friendly rides that are both moderate and enjoyable so that your small ones may have a fantastic time in a secure setting. Consider the Curly Wurly slide, which spins kids around before plunging them into the 1.5-foot-deep Tad Pool. You can observe them joyously sliding and splashing down at Yee-Haa and Caterpillar.

You can relax by the pool and watch the children while they enjoy their gala time. See also: Goa things to do

However, not for long! You’re in for a treat at this water park, my friend, with a number of breathtaking water rides! So gather your closest friends, get on the Aangswesome 3some three-lane slide, and demonstrate your racing prowess to them while suspended 30 feet in the air. You are propelled through the swirls and twists on the Zoom Flume and Twister before splashing into the pool. Adults love Tornado, Boomer, and Panic Attack as well. You can also dance to the newest music at this water park on the AquaDance floor.

The park has a number of services, including rental lockers, towels, caps, and goggles. It also features restaurants and food stands to quell your appetite. So get ready for a day of entertainment, adventure, and fun!

Location: Padre Agnel Vaddo, Bardez, on Calangute-Anjuna Main Road

Hours: daily from 10:30 am until 6:00 pm

Ticket cost:

Adults (4 feet and taller): 640 (General)

Under 4-foot children: 4900 (General)

Senior (over 60 years old) – 530 (General)

  1. North Goa’s Blue Whale Water Park

Best Waterparks in Goa

Blue Whale Water Park is a must-visit location for your upcoming vacation because it is close to the vitality and vibrancy of Goa. The highlights of this water park include swimming pools, whirling slides, and challenging water rides. Don’t forget to take your kids to the Finding Nemo Jumping Castle after they tyre of the slides so you can see them hop and bounce back with a huge smile. Take them to the Aquarium inside the water park after that to see the lovely marine exhibits.

The restaurant and bar along the pool are like the cherry on top of all these delights. For the convenience of visitors, the park also offers a locker facility and rents out costumes. Therefore, if you’ve had your fill of the sea, sun, and surfing, spend some fun times at this water park for an unforgettable day trip to North Goa.

Location: Arpora-Baga Road, next to the Royal Goan Beach Club

Price of a ticket: daily, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Fee for admission: $325 per person

Aquatic Centres in South Goa

In contrast to its northern counterpart, South Goa’s isolated beaches and opulent resorts will leave you feeling serene and ecstatic. This region of the state continues to embrace the very soul of Portuguese culture.

In contrast to its northern counterpart, South Goa’s isolated beaches and opulent resorts will leave you feeling serene and ecstatic. This region of the state still exhibits the very heart of Goa, embracing the spirit of Portuguese culture. The South Goa water parks offer a very different view of this area—one that is lively and exciting—in the middle of this calm and peaceful.

This enormous water park in Goa can be the ideal retreat for you to unwind and take in some hair-raising rides. Froggyland, the biggest water park in the area, takes pride in providing a wide range of entertaining attractions. Slides and flumes aren’t the only exciting activities available at this park; there’s also a bungee trampoline, a zip line, bumper boats, zorbing, and more.

The park’s Wave Pool is a popular destination where you may spend hours in the water with your friends. Not only that. At the Rain Dance floor, let yourself to get wet while moving to the newest chart-toppers. Or race your pals down the multiple-lane slides while pacing.

  1. South Goa’s Froggyland

Best Waterparks in Goa

Adults can have a tonne of fun at the park on everything from tube slides to float flume slides.Toddlers may experience a wide range of exhilarating activities that will leave a lasting impression. Some of the kids’ favourites include the Dome Slide, Frog Slide, Mushroom, Laughing Joker, and Lili Pads. The park offers something special for everyone, whether you’re going to Froggyland to celebrate your birthday, get together with family, or have a fantastic time with friends.

Locations: Salcete, Nuvem, and Pateapur

Hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, with Mondays off.

Ticket cost:

Adults (those over 4 feet): 500

Children (under 4 feet tall): 350

  1. Nagesh Water World, South Goa

Nagesh Water World is an ecotourism venture in Goa that serves as an example of how one can enjoy Mother Nature’s benefits without endangering it. The best spot to have endless fun while being near to nature is at this water park in South Goa. As you and your children go down the slides, shouting with joy, you can rejoice. Dancers will enjoy dancing in the rain with their partners if they desire to shake a leg. The park offers 5 Rain Dance floors in addition to a Mist Dance arena. Take your best friend and jump in the pool together, or just relax next to it and let your inner self out. Whatever you decide to do, you will undoubtedly have a good time.You can book the space for a reasonable rate for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, or any other event.

Location: Nearby Tisk Road, Ponda, and Pascoal Farm

Timings: Day Package: daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Package: delivered over night: 24 hours (counting from entry)

Entry costs : 350 (without lunch) and 500 (with lunch) for the “Day Package”


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