Family-Friendly Activities in Goa for Children

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Family-Friendly Activities in Goa


Partying is perhaps the most enjoyable activity for young people in Goa. Non-stop. preferably by the sea. But that is outdated now because there are so many other things for young people to do in Goa, such as kayaking, trekking, and road trips across uncharted area. By checking as many items off this list as you can, you can disprove the cliché that youth is squandered on the young. Prepare for your trip by packing your things, reserving a Fabhotel in Goa, and leaving for this warm locale, here is the places that you can enjoy with your Family-Friendly Activities in Goa.

Goa Family Friendly Attractions

Take a Kayak Tour

For breathtaking sea vistas, the feeling of “handling” this monster on your own, and an adrenaline rush, go kayaking at Palolem Beach.

Family-Friendly Activities in Goa

Go Scuba Diving

In Goa, snorkelling is a great activity for kids. At Sinquerim, Palolem, Bogmalo, or the Grande Island, you can test it out.

Try kiteboarding

By kite sailing at Morjim Beach, you may first feel what the birds feel.


Ride a banana boat.

Banana Boat rides, which are available at most beaches, are an absolute must-do activity for kids in Goa.

Go on a Hike.

The journey, you should absolutely try it out because it’s the newest activity that everyone in Goa is raving about for young people. Consider taking a hike in one of Goa’s numerous national wildlife parks or climbing the Tambdi Surla Waterfalls in Surla. The most breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea may be seen by participating in an ocean trek in Arambol.

Visit other clubs

Simply because Goa is home to a large number of them. Most clubs are open until the wee hours of the morning and are perfect for hanging out after a day of baking at the beach, from the fun-guaranteed Tito’s on Baga to Curly’s on Anjuna Beach.

Play paintball

Go to Mapusa and participate in a full day of paintball combat with pals if you have a competitive spirit.

Family-Friendly Activities in Goa

Visit the Anjuna Beach Flea Market.

Because without making this pilgrimage, a journey to Goa is incomplete. Because of the unique finds you might make there, it ranks among the most entertaining activities for kids in Goa. Keep coming even if you don’t purchase anything, Visit the island of Chorao.

Visit the island, which is on the Mandovi River, for a half-day excursion and take in its charming churches and vibrant homes constructed in the Old Portuguese style. There is a ferry that departs from Ribander Road in Panjim every fifteen minutes. A popular activity for young people in Goa would be to visit the island’s Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. After all, how many people under the age of 30 do you know who have the courage to venture away from the beach and try something new?


Go fishing and have the crabs, king mackerels, and red snapper that are all over the sea prepared at a hut as well. Get the real deal on one of the most entertaining things to do in Goa for kids by renting a boat or joining a local fisherman on his boat.

Play now

Because Goa has some of the top water sports facilities in the nation. At Baga Beach and Calangute Beach, you can try your hand at parasailing; at Candolim Beach, knee boarding; at Dona Paula, Vagator, or Colva beaches; at Baina Beach, flyboarding; or at Colva, Miramar, or Candolim beaches, jet skiing. Water sports are thrilling, adventurous, and unquestionably one of the best activities for kids to do in Goa.

Play at one of the many floating casinos in Goa.

What a great way to have fun and double your money! Since gambling is permitted in Goa, there are numerous casinos there, including the Chances Casino, Deltin Caravela, Casino Pride, and Deltin Royal. To try your luck at one of them is one of the most wonderful things to do in Goa as a young person. There would be a tonne of stories to take back with you even if you lose. Win-win, then!

Travel on a road trip.

Simply enter your vehicle (you didn’t bring one? Hire it locally, then leave. Goa’s countryside is lush and green, full with small fishing hamlets along the coast and forgotten villages with stunning churches and temples, historic homes painted brightly, and restaurants serving local food. Just start exploring; you never know what you could find!

Ride a bike through the Old Porto neighbourhood


Cycling around Panjim would allow you to discover the elegant historic villas and winding alleyways. You would learn something new about this lovely place and receive a history lesson. The former city centre of Panjim, also known as Fontainhas, has some lovely cafes and restaurants that will entice you to return.

Pay Jardim Garcia de Orta a visit.

The most well-kept secret in Panjim, Jardim Garcia de Orta is a stunning park situated right in the middle of the city. In honour of the renowned 16th-century Portuguese physician and naturalist Garcia de Orta, it was constructed in 1855. Young people might not think that this is the most enjoyable activity to do in Goa, but trust us when we say that you won’t regret trying it. Additionally, you would probably be the first person in your group of friends to visit it!


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