Fulfill Your Dream of Flying a Plane in Pune

by Vedika Soni
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Fulfill Your Dream of Flying a Plane in Pune

Flying a Plane in Pune

We have been daydreaming about being able to fly ever before avian species became well known for it. When the first hot air balloon went launched in 1783, these visions began to come true. With their legendary Flyer fixed-winged aircraft, the Wright brothers would forever turn this ideal into a reality in 1903. Since then, using an aircraft to travel great distances has been the norm. How many of us actually get to fly these things, though? We all want to be able to fly. There are very few people that are known as pilots. However, there is a location in Pune that is assisting an increasing number of people in realizing their ambition of becoming a pilot. Flying a Plane in Pune.



Hadapsar Gliding Centre is where you can fly in the air. It is a tiny airstrip that is located in Pune’s southern region. There is only one airfield in this area, and it is just over 3500 feet long, where takeoffs and landings occur. Visiting Pune? Live out your aviation dreams!


Flying a Plane in Pune

People are permitted to glider-fly in tandem with a licensed pilot thanks to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The gliders that are utilized for flights are LET L-23 Super Blanks, which weigh only 310 kg at empty. A glider is an unpowered, tiny, fixed-winged aircraft! So how does it fly, then? For more details, see the section after this one.


A strong rope that is 1000–1500 feet long is used to secure the gliders to a winch, stationary motor, or other device. The controller on the ground waves a yellow flag once the pilot in the front prepares the glider. As soon as the motor in the winch begins to pull the rope, the glider quickly lifts off the ground and is then let loose into the air. Imagine someone flying a kite as an analogy. It’s that easy! Prior to you realizing it, you are nearly 1500 feet in the air, and the buildings begin to appear very little. After that, you get to operate the glider using a number of levers that the pilot will describe to you during a pre-flight briefing. Pay close attention to it.


Flying a Plane in Pune

The gliding season runs from October to May. The weather is absolutely crucial because the wind’s direction, angle, and speed must all be favorable. The center is open from Sunday through Thursday, with flying available to the public on Sunday. From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on the specified day, you can experience the exhilaration of gliding, but try to be here as early as you can because there are no reservations made in advance; everything is first-come, first-served. You can even enroll in a course that lasts between two and twelve months. Visiting Pune? Live out your aviation dreams!Flying a Plane in Pune.


Flying a Plane in Pune

because the price is only INR 187! Yes, INR 187 is exactly what you read. However, the excitement of realizing your greatest desire of becoming a pilot comes first. The peace is the finest part; the glider has no engines, therefore there is no bothersome noise. You alone, the glider, and the endless sky..



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