Forts Near Amritsar : Exploring History

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Forts Near Amritsar


In or around 1574 A.D., Sri Guru Ramdass Ji, the fourth guru of the Sikhs, built Amritsar. The region was once covered in dense forests and had a number of lakes before the city was established, here is the Forts Near Amritsar for your travelling experience.

  1. Gobindgarh Fort

Forts Near Amritsar

Gobindgarh Fort was refurbished by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and named after Guru Gobind Singh. It was initially constructed by a local chieftain by the name of Gujjar Singh Bhangi. This fort, which is square in shape and was constructed with bricks and lime, is located in the heart of Amritsar. A rampart, four bastion towers, and a number of gates make up the fort. The fort once boasted 25 cannons atop its towers. Numerous attractions, including a 7D show, museums, and a performance stage, have been added since the Punjabi government renovated it.

10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Fee for entry: 180

Fact: There may be a tunnel in the fort that extends all the way to Pakistan’s Lahore.

  1. Fort Faridkot

Forts Near Amritsar

Despite its diminutive size, the grandeur and architectural brilliance of Faridkot Fort are impressive. Originally built in the 13th century, it was enlarged and refurbished by numerous kings before acquiring its current appearance in the 19th century. The Sheesh Mahal, the fort’s most famous landmark, is inlaid with thousands of pieces of glass, as its name implies, along with bird figurines and paintings showing scenes from Hindu mythology. Within the fort, the Moti Mahal, Treasury, Garden, Durbar Hall, and Gurudwara are all worthwhile stops.

120 kilometres separates you from Amritsar.

Time: from dawn to dusk

Entry Fee: Nothing

Trivia: The system of tunnels in the Durbar Hall allows for the natural cooling of the space even during the sweltering heat. Additionally, check out Amritsar Weekend Getaways.

  1. Phillaur Fort

Forts Near Amritsar

The Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, built Phillaur Fort next to the Grand Trunk Road as a sarai (a hotel where travellers might stay at night). It wasn’t until Maharaja Ranjit Singh took control of the region that a real fort was erected. The mausoleum (mazar) of a saint by the name of Pir Baba Abdullah Shah Ji, who on the advice of a religious leader offered to be sacrificed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, is located inside the fort.

  1. Fort Bathinda

Fort Bathinda, tripowe.com

One of the oldest still standing forts in India is Bathinda Fort, also known as Qila Mubarak, which is thought to have been built in the 12th century. According to some sources, the fort was built in the second century AD by the fabled Kushana ruler Kanishka, making it considerably older. Its enormous gates, which are flanked by bulwark towers, still inspire awe. There is even a gurudwara in this location that was built to honour Guru Gobind Singh’s visit. Additionally, the fort is home to palaces and beautiful gardens where you may unwind.

171 kilometres separates you from Amritsar.

Hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Mondays are closed).

No entry fee

Random Information: Razia Sultana was the first female Sultan of Delhi.

Trivia: The first female Sultan of Delhi, Razia Sultana, was deposed and imprisoned here. She jumped off the balcony while imprisoned in order to assemble an army.

  1. Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak, tripowe.comIt is maybe the only fort close to Amritsar that combines Mughal style with Rajasthani elements; it was constructed in the 18th century by Baba Ala Singh, the founder of the Patiala dynasty. Numerous palaces are located in the androon qila, the fort’s interior, and they are all decorated with vibrant frescoes that depict events from Punjabi folklore. Like many forts in India, Qila Mubarak has a Sheesh Mahal as well. Other notable buildings in this area are the Durbar Hall, Jalau Khana, Raan Baas, and Sarad Khana.

231 kilometres separates you from Amritsar.

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Entrance fee: $10

Fact: In the 18th century, Baba Ala Singh transported the flame that is still burning here from Kangra’s Jwalamukhi Temple.

  1. Fort Bahadurgarh

Fort Bahadurgarh

Nawab Saif Khan constructed the fort in 1658 while Aurangzeb was the Mughal emperor. Interestingly, Bahadurgarh Fort is circular with a moat encircling its perimeter while the majority of forts close to Amritsar have square or rectangular plans. Mughal and Sikh aesthetic influences may be seen in the fort’s architecture. You can visit a mosque and gurudwara inside the fort.

233 kilometres separates you from Amritsar.

Time: n/a

Entry Fee: Nothing


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