Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu

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Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu


“Discovering Tranquility: Hogenakkal Falls – The Enchanting Gem of Tamil Nadu”

Information about Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu

Location: District of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu

Type: Waterfalls

Timings: from dawn until dusk

Neighboring city : (127 kilometers) Bangalore

Nearby airport: Bengaluru (162 km) Kempegowda International Airport

Closest train station: 48 kilometers away is Dharmapuri

closest bus stop: (350 m) Hogenakkal

Time required: 4-5 hours

Parking Charge: INR 30

Activities: boating, hiking, and photography

One of the most picturesque locations to visit in the area is Hogenakkal Falls, which is situated on the border between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Due to the unusual configuration of the enormous carbonated rocks that surround the waterfall, it is also known as Hogenakkal, or “Smoky Rocks”. You will be mesmerized by the sight of the River Kaveri dividing into numerous little streams and cascading from various heights ranging from 15 feet to 66 feet! Water gushes down over enormous boulders like to Hogenakkal Waterfall and the well-known Niagara Falls.


Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu


The Hogenakkal Waterfall is a well-liked tourist site for those who enjoy the outdoors, adventure, hiking, and taking pictures. The timings, location, and other details of Hogenakkal Falls are provided below in case you are considering visiting this waterfall.

Hogenakkal Falls are at their most beautiful between the months of October and February, making those months the ideal time to visit. The weather is also pretty good at this time of year.

Hogenakkal Falls

Water from the Hogenakkal waterfalls cascades through herb-filled woodlands. Locals claim that the waterfall has healing properties as a result, and that bathing there following a satisfying oil massage can have many positive effects on one’s health. It’s also said that taking a dip in the waterfall pool cleanses one of sins.

Activities at Hogenakkal Falls

A popular destination for people trying to get away from the heat and chaos of the city is Hogenakkal Falls, which is located 127 kilometers from Bangalore. The waterfalls’ natural surroundings and a variety of activities make it a fantastic choice for an unforgettable day trip.

Coracle (basket-shaped boat) rides are among the most well-liked activities on the river during the dry season, when it is calm and safe. Another choice is to go through luscious vegetation and a labyrinth of rocks to reach the falls. The hike is beginner-friendly and simple. Those who love the outdoors can take a leisurely stroll around the falls and take in the sights.

Along with trying out various activities, you may purchase herbal items, essential oils, handicrafts, and t-shirts at the eco shop nearby. Both oil massages and dishes made with freshly caught fish are well-known in Hogenakkal.


Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu


Nearby Hogenakkal Falls attractions

From the waterfall, you can visit some of the following places in Hogenakkal:

Pennagaram Village (16 km)

Mettur Dam (79 km)

Hanging Bridge(450 m)

Kids’ Park (900 meters)

Center for Crocodile Rehabilitation (900 meters)


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