House of Dolls in Kolkata: Unraveling the Enigmatic Stories of Putulbari

by Vedika Soni
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The Mysterious Residence:

House of Dolls in Kolkata: Unraveling the Enigmatic Stories of Putulbari:-


The intriguing Putulbari, or “House of Dolls,” is hidden among the bustling streets of Kolkata, India. This historic mansion is cloaked in mystery and is known for its collection of antique dolls that appear to hold stories from the past. Join us on an exploration of the intriguing, yet eerie, stories encapsulated within the walls of this intriguing monument.

Tapestry of History:

Putulbari, built in the late 18th century, was originally a stately mansion for wealthy zamindars and notable landlords of the time. This majestic mansion underwent a change as time spun its delicate threads; its rooms were filled not with costly furnishings but with an amazing collection of antique dolls. This estate’s transformation from an aristocratic residence to the ‘House of Dolls’ cloaked it in an opaque cloak, enticing generations to unravel its secrets.

The Mysterious Residence:

House of Dolls in KolkataWhen guests enter Putulbari, they are greeted by an ominous yet mesmerizing sight. Rooms are dimly lit, the air thick with the weight of time, and decorated with an eclectic collection of dolls. Each doll appears to tell its own unique narrative, ranging from delicate porcelain to timeworn wooden models. The walls appear to whisper tales of bygone periods, and the dolls, with their alluring yet frightening presence, add to the chilling mood of the mansion.


Visiting the House of Dolls

When visitors enter the Putulbari, they are greeted by a bevy of dolls, each with its own story to tell. Investigate the dimly lit rooms that house these historic figures, which range from delicate porcelain dolls to weathered wooden figures. Each doll is claimed to represent a particular era, and some even have a ghostly aura, adding to the spooky ambiance of the museum.

Doll Stories

The dolls in Putulbari are said to be possessed, bringing stories of joy, grief, and even fatal pasts. Legend has it that souls inhabit these dolls, reliving their previous lives within the mansion’s walls. Visitors frequently claim unexplainable occurrences, attributing them to the dolls’ eerie presence.

Practical Information for Visitors to Putulbari

Those who are interested in the stories of Putulbari should schedule a visit. Visitors should be informed of the mansion’s restricted access and limited visiting hours. Furthermore, due to the creepy atmosphere of the home, visitors should psychologically prepare themselves before touring the House of Dolls.

Local Legends and Myths

The charm of Putulbari is enhanced by local folklore. Stories of spirits possessing the dolls, moving or whispering during the night, have been passed down through generations. Some legends even claim that the dolls contain the secrets of the mansion’s previous inhabitants, their joys and tragedies etched forever within the dolls.

Cultural and Historical Importance

Aside from its creepy attraction, Putulbari is a cultural relic, evoking a bygone era of wealth and mystery. It provides a glimpse into Kolkata’s historical landscape, preserving stories and legends that lend dimension to the city’s vibrant history.

Visiting the House of Dolls

House of Dolls in KolkataWhile the rumors surrounding Putulbari are creepy and intriguing, visitors must approach the location with caution. The mansion is historically and culturally significant, and it must be preserved.


Putulbari, or the House of Dolls, is a monument to history and mystery, welcoming curious souls into its dimly lighted halls filled with stories from the past. A visit to this enigmatic home allows one to delve into the city’s unique past and become immersed in the eerie legends that pervade its walls.


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