List of Best Places to Visit in June 2024

by Vedika Soni
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List of Best Places to Visit in June 2024

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 06:14 pm

List of Best Places to Visit in June 2024

With June temperatures on the rise around the country, there are a few spots to escape the blistering heat and humidity. Most of them are located in the highlands and make ideal summer retreats. With so many alternatives for travelers, We have a List of Best Places to Visit in June 2024.

List of Top Best Places to Visit in June 2024

1.Kasol Himachal Pradesh

List of Best Places to Visit in June 2024

Kasol, a small town on the Parvati River in Himachal Pradesh, is a favorite destination for nature lovers, hikers, and trekkers. It attracts tourists all year, although the summer season sees a surge in footfall since trekking trips to Sar Pass, Pin Parvati Pass, and Kheer Ganga Pass are in high demand. Kasol’s stunning landscape, which includes snow-capped mountains, gushing waterfalls, pine trees, and rocky rural roads, is simply spectacular to see.

Weather of Kasol in June: Between 15 to 40 Degrees approx.

 2. Kundremukh Karnataka

Kundremukh Karnataka tripowe.com


Kudremukh, a tranquil hill station in the southern state of Karnataka, is well-known for its natural beauty, which includes dense forests, grassy meadows, and lush grasslands. The name Kudremukh is derived from the shape of Kudremukh Peak, which resembles the face of a horse. This biodiversity hotspot is a fantastic location for trekking and wildlife enthusiasts, with a variety of sightseeing attractions, making it one of the Best Places to Visit in June 2024.

Weather of Kudremukh in June: 23 to 30 degrees celcius approx.

3. Kamshet, Maharashtra

Kamshet, Maharashtra tripowe.com

Kamshet is a scenic hill town in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats that has gained popularity as a paragliding paradise over the years. Kamshet’s scenic vistas and cool, fresh air, along with the vivid sunflower and rice fields, make it the ideal destination for relaxation and unwinding, as well as adventurous activities such as paragliding, which has world-class facilities. this is also Best Places to Visit in June 2024

Weather of Kamshet in June: 20 to30 degrees celcius approx.

4. Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand tripowe.com

Dhanaulti may not be as well-known as its rivals in Uttarakhand, but it is equally stunning in terms of natural beauty. Dhanaulti, an unusual destination, is an excellent alternative for spending time surrounded by nature’s magnificence in a calm, peaceful environment. The chirping of birds, the cool wind, the tranquil atmosphere, and the pure air in Dhanaulti work together to provide tourists with a reprieve from city life.

Weather of Dhanaulti in June: 25 to 30 degrees celcius approx.

5. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand tripowe.com

Another worthwhile location in Uttarakhand is the Valley of Flowers, which is located in the Chamoli district. This national park is rich in flora and fauna and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the same reason. The location was found in 1931 by a climber named Frank S. Smith, and it offers tourists the opportunity to relax in calm, comfortable surroundings while viewing the entire beauty of nature.

Weather of Dhanaulti in June:10 to 20 degrees celcius approx.



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