Chinese New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024

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New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024

Chinese New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024

New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024It is hardly surprising that the New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024 as a prominent celebration given the country’s sizable Chinese population. When people from many communities get together, share bread, and wish one another a happy new year, it’s a beautiful time of year. Gorgeous Chinese paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and dragon dancers lining the roadside adorn the bright red streets.

Date of New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024 : 10 February, Saturday

Depending on the Chinese Lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year’s day changes every year. In most cases, it occurs in January or February.

What is the Thai version of the Chinese New Year?

New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024The lunar calendar is used to determine the Chinese New Year, much as the rest of the world observes New Year’s Day on January 1st. It usually happens in January or February every year. It is also known as the Spring Festival and marks the start of a new Chinese zodiac year. The Chinese zodiac predicts that 2019 will be the “Year of the Pig,” or the twelfth year in its 12-year cycle.

There are lots of Chinese New Year deals in stores and shopping centers during this very commercial holiday. Huge savings, exclusive deals, and amusing events like complimentary feng shui consultations are available for three days. Significant sales are made by even minor businesses like street sellers and street retailers. This is the ideal time to purchase elaborate Chinese souvenirs or a traditional Chinese fan if you’re interested in doing so!

How is the Chinese New Year celebrated in Thailand?

tripoweThe Chinese New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024 is celebrated over the course of two or three days. Although it isn’t a national holiday, Thailand’s 7 million+ Chinese population makes extensive celebrations of it. On these days, families join together to honor their ancestors. Thousands of people travel from China and other regions of Southeast Asia during this period to attend the event with their families.

People flock to temples and shrines in large numbers to offer prayers for a prosperous coming year. Family members are expected to give each other red envelopes containing cash and trinkets, which are referred to as ang-pao in Hokkien and lai see in Cantonese. The streets are filled with food vendors, dragon dancers, and even acrobats who captivate viewers with their feats shortly after midday. They whirl on nearly forty-foot poles and form enormous human pyramids.

The color red is connected to the Chinese New Year. In the days preceding the holiday, people dress in red and adorn their homes with Chinese calligraphy banners, posters, and paper lanterns. They spread out trays with oranges, tangerines, and several types of dried fruit. People would set out offerings for a mythical beast named Nien and let off firecrackers on New Year’s Eve night in an attempt to frighten him, according to legend.

It’s customary to relax and spend time at home on New Year Celebrated in Thailand 2024 itself. It is thought that on this day, individuals should avoid using sharp instruments, cleaning, and arguments in order to ensure good fortune. As a collective homage to their ancestors, they share a feast known as ‘weilu’. They prepare a wide variety of traditional dishes, while some are shunned because they are considered inauspicious, such as tofu.

People hang exquisitely made Chinese paper lanterns from their homes during the Lantern Festival, which takes place on the last day of the New Year’s festivities. This is a very gorgeous celebration, as you can see from a distance as street after street is illuminated in red. Usually, on the first full moon of the Chinese New Year, this lantern festival occurs.

This celebration has been warmly welcomed by the Thai populace. Every year, the Thai princesses Chulaborn Walailak, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and Ubolratana Rajakanya are seen at shrines, where they pay their respects and offer prayers for a prosperous new year.

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