Shri Murudeshwar Temple

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Shri Murudeshwar Temple


Shri Murudeshwar Temple:  the World’s Second Tallest Shiva Statue

Shri Murdeshwar Temple is an amazing combination of spirituality and a paradise by the sea. Many of the factors that have drawn tourists from all over the world to a coastal town in Uttara Kannada district are detailed in this blog.

  1. The Murudeshwar Legend

It’s crucial to understand this Ramayana-era legend before visiting the Murudeshwar mandir in Karnataka. At this time, gods and goddesses were reputed to have attained immortality and invincibility via worship of the sacred and divine linga known as Atma-Ling. The name means “Soul of Shiva” in English. However, people other than gods and goddesses also desired immortality and invincibility. Another person, or rather Asur, from the Lankan kingdom of Ravana, had his sights set on the Atma-Linga.

The Shiva statue has served as a dazzling representation of harmony and enlightenment since 2006. Due to its astounding 123-foot height, it can be seen quite a ways away. Because of its allusion in the legendary Ramayana, an old Indian work of literature, the mythology and history associated with Murdeshwar are fascinating.

1.Ravana’s fancy,

Shri Murudeshwar Temple

As we know from the Ramayana, Ravana was a devoted devotee of Shiva. Ravana earned the nickname Dashanan, the man with the wisdom of ten persons, due to his adoration of the destroyer of worlds. But from Lord Shiva, he received more than just wisdom. Because of his fervent adoration of Lord Shiva, the god came in front of him and assured Ravana that he was moved by his devotion and would grant him any wish.

The Atma-Linga was the one item Ravana specifically requested. Before handing him the linga, Lord Shiva did not think twice. Shiva, however, stipulated that Ravana keep the Atma-Linga above the ground until he arrived in Lanka before giving it to him. Even if Ravana dropped the linga unintentionally, it would remain there and become immovable. Ravana consented to the stipulation. He left for his house as soon as he obtained the Atma-linga.

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