Top Haunted Places in Kolkata 2024

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Top Haunted Places in Kolkata 2024

Kolkata is one of India’s most prominent commercial hubs. Here are the Top Haunted Places in Kolkata.  Historically significant location, and a city with a very diverse culture. If you are visiting Kolkata for business, you should explore the city’s sights, because a little sightseeing while traveling for work has never hurt anyone. If you travel frequently, you’d undoubtedly go to its museums, temples, and colonial landmarks, as well as indulge in some shopping therapy. You may visit some haunted locations in Kolkata, though, if you’re a bit of a daredevil who enjoys Gothic literature and horror films (consider Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla rather than Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for inspiration).

The Lady in White : the Howrah Bridge

The Howrah Bridge, one of Kolkata’s most well-known landmarks, is rumored to be a haunt of spirits. If you talk to the wrestlers who train underneath it, some of them might admit that they frequently see what appears to be human or spirit arms coming from the Hooghly River. Some could also remember seeing a crying woman reaching out to them in a nasal voice while dressed in white robes. It has been reported that many who heard it or attempted to approach the figure were traumatized. While ghosts are rumored to prowl around most areas at night, this place’s early hours are said to be the most terrifying.

Haunted Places in Kolkata


National Library: The OCD Ghost

If you believe these ghost stories, Alipore’s National Library is another haunted location in the city  . Many people would admit that when they were reading by themselves, they felt as though someone was breathing down their neck. It is stated that if you don’t keep a book where it belongs, this emotion will be heightened. . People have also reported hearing footsteps approach them but not seeing anyone.

Haunted Places in Kolkata


Where Aghoris Wanders: Nimtala Ghat

One of the oldest crematories in Kolkata is Nimtala Ghat, and what better spot to have been said to be haunted than one where ghosts are said to be expelled from the body? On the occasion of Kali Puja, aghoris congregate at this ghat, where they consume already-burned bodies and cover themselves in ash (a band like Gorgoroth or Cannibal Corpse could create a full music video portraying them amidst

the dead, feasting off the dead). Invoking the goddess is also said to make her possess people. It might not be very terrifying, but it is still an experience worth considering.

House of Dolls : Putulbari

Dolls really are adorable, though? However, viewers of The Conjuring, Annabelle, The Child’s Play series, or even the Dexter’s Laboratory episode Dee Dee’s Room wouldn’t be so sure. Want to see dolls with even greater skepticism? You then had to head to Putulbari, also known as the House of Dolls. Dolls arranged on stands in a vast Romanesque structure will terrify you before you even sense a presence. Even though this property is inhabited, none of its occupants venture to the top floors. It is rumored that affluent landlords who once resided in this haunted home in Kolkata sexually raped and killed a number of women there, leaving them to linger as ghosts today. You may gain a whole new respect for yourself if you have the guts to ascend to the upper floors.

haunted places in kolkata


Dead Man Walking: The Writer’s Building

The dead man supposedly wanders around The Writer’s Building in Binoy Badal Dinesh Bagh (I’m not referring to The Undertaker). Captain Simpson of the East India Company, who was assassinated here during the fight for freedom, is the person being named. It’s his ghost, and it’s said to wander around here at night. Even though the building is locked up for the evening at 7:00 p.m., the building’s guardians claim they heard shrill noises late at night. It is said that no caretaker has ever been able to work more than 24 hours straight!



Technology-savvy Apparitions: Wipro Office in Salt Lake City

There’s a chance you’re staying at a hotel in Salt Lake City if you’re traveling to Kolkata for work with an IT firm. It appears that some of the ghosts in this location are really tech-savvy because they seem to genuinely enjoy working at the Wipro office. According to legend, Salt Lake City or Bidhannagar was constructed over a wetland, and the area where the Wipro office is presently located was formerly intended to be a cemetery. Recall the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. dollhouse episode where Phoebe imagines the dollhouse was built on a Native American cemetery and now contains spirits. Strange figures are allegedly observed by people, as is the case with every allegedly haunted location.



Park Street Cemetery: a bastion of Gothic horror

Cemeteries are the epitome of Gothic architecture; countless horror films and music videos feature eerie graveyards shrouded in darkness. The cemetery on Park Street is reputed to be Kolkata’s most haunted location. People who arrive here after midnight claim to see or hear eerie figures on the walls. According to a legend surrounding the cemetery, a group of friends once visited, and one of them suddenly experienced dyspnea (shortness of breath). It is also said that malfunctioning cameras take odd pictures. Just try taking pictures if you arrive here at midnight to verify the veracity of the tales.

Metro Station at Rabindra Sarovar: Gallery of Suicide



Already unsettling are the metro stations, particularly the underground ones. You should probably take a car or bus if there are claims of ghosts and other paranormal activity in the area. Sadan Rabindra Numerous suicides have occurred at Metro Station, and it is rumored that the victims’ ghosts still linger there. Both commuters and train drivers have attested to accounts of hazy figures going between platform pillars and railroad track. Particularly, it is reported that the last train that departs at midnight is haunted. You must visit this location if you enjoy horror films a lot and are looking for a spooky experience in Kolkata. Do you dare board the midnight ghost train, though?


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