Top Islands Near Phi Phi Island

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Top 4 Islands Near Phi Phi Island


The Noppharat Thara National Park, which has an area of around 35 square kilometres, includes Phi Phi, which is roughly 40 miles from Krabi. The two largest islands in the archipelago, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, inspired the name Phi Phi. These natural gems, which are obtained from their location, are loved by people all around the world. The majority of the bay, where the resorts and development were located, was inundated by enormous waves. On Phi Phi Don, Ao Tonne Sai caused a great deal of deaths. Although it took some time to clean up the region and welcome back tourists, Phi Phi is now back and much better than before, here is the Top 4 Islands Near Phi Phi Island.

Look at all the nearby islands, which are just as rich in attractions as Phi Phi itself!

When To Visit The Phi Phi Islands

It is strongly advised to visit a location when the weather is nice. The ideal weather makes it possible to explore the location. Additionally, comfortable temperatures and weather conditions help in ongoing exploration by reducing fatigue. It is highly advised to visit Phi-Phi and the surrounding Islands from November to April. The weather is steady and moderate.

Phi Phi Islands winter: The best time of year to book a trip to the nearby Phi Phi Islands is during the winter, which lasts from November to April. The tourist season for the islands close to Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands is during these six months. The weather reports are entirely correct. The temperature fluctuates from 23°C to 30°C, making it ideal for partying all night and sunbathing during the day.

Phi Phi Islands in the summer:The warmest time of year on Phi Phi Island is summer, when humidity levels are at an all-time high. From mid-March to mid-May, there are two and a half months of summer. The humidity makes it feel like it is above forty degrees even if the temperature is just in the thirties.

Phi Phi Islands during the monsoon:The monsoon at Phi Phi is likewise quite uncomfortable due to the high humidity level. Phi Phi experiences monsoon season from mid-May to September. During these four months, there is a high rainfall rate and a temperature range from the mid-20s to the late-30s. However, the reason one should book a trip at this time is that prices drop, making autumn a good season to travel.

Phi Phi Islands during the monsoon:

The monsoon at Phi Phi is likewise quite uncomfortable due to the high humidity level. Phi Phi experiences monsoon season from mid-May to September. During these four months, there is a high rainfall rate and a temperature range from the mid-20s to the late-30s. However, the reason one should book a trip at this time of year is because rates drop, making autumn the ideal pre-season season to visit Phi Phi.

The top four islands near the Phi Phi Islands

The most stunning islands, much like the islands themselves, encircle Phi Phi and have a lot to offer. Browse through this list of all the islands you can see nearby.

1.Koh Khai Nok

Top 4 Islands Near Phi Phi Island

If someone describes Koh Khai Nok as a little, stunning island, take that as an understatement. This charming undervalued location, which can be found in Phang Nga Bay, around 30 minutes from Phuket (East Coast), begs to be visited. The Phi Phi Islands’ secret treasure is thought to be Koh Khai Nok. To get to Koh Khai Nok, we go along Sapan Bay in a southeasterly direction. Rang Yai Islands, a Pearl Farm in front of them, radio masts, and hills with a view of Phuket Town can all be found towards the north.

2.Koh Bida Nok

Top 4 Islands Near Phi Phi Island

Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai, two well-known islands close to the Phi Phi archipelago that are largely on its southern side, are essentially two islets made of limestone that rise from the Andaman Sea. The most well-known feature of these regions is the availability of scuba diving. People can access the best diving opportunities in this area thanks to its captivating underwater topography, which includes a great wall, tiny caves, sandy bottoms, and sloping reefs with soft and hard corals scattered about. This area is well-known for providing visitors with the chance of a lifetime to be surrounded by such breathtaking underwater scenery.

Greater than Koh Bida Nai is Koh Bida Nok. Koh Bida allows divers of every skill level to dive at their convenience. Most frequently, divers like to begin their descent slowly from Koh Bida’s east side and work their way southward. The area’s abundance of underwater caves, which provide you a thrilling adventure, is one of its main USPs. Koh Bida Nok features a wide variety of marine life. from zebra sharks to stingrays that are sprawled out on the sand. The two islands closest to Phi Phi are thought to be the best.

If you’ve been anxiously searching for a distinctive experience, Koh Bida Nai has everything you’re looking for. Known for its enormous boulders that once made up the cliffs, as well as its thriving marine life, including nudibranch sea gastropod molluscs that crawl on the rocks submerged in the water. Koi Bida Nai is more accessible for snorkelling because it is shallower than Koh Bida Nok.

3.Koh Yao Islands

Koh Yao Islands, tripowe.com

Since Conservation International and National Geographic Traveller magazine presented the World Legacy Award for Destination Stewardship, Koh Yao Nai islands have become well-known throughout the world for their development and peaceful atmosphere. These are regarded as one of the best islands close to Phi.

Before visiting this location, you should be aware that rubber is grown here and that tourists can engage in fishing activities. Unfortunately, there are no financial facilities available, thus one must make the necessary changes. On the other hand, Koh Yao Noi’s hotels, eateries, and spas all have internet connectivity.

4.Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island, tripowe.com

As the name suggests, the eastern side of the Mosquito Islands has two magnificent beaches, but they are rarely visited by tourists since, around dusk, a large number of mosquitoes arrive, which is quite inconvenient for the tourists. Mosquito Island is well-known for its unusual soft coral reefs and aquatic life around it underwater. The three-headed pinnacle, which is located at a depth of 15 metres and provides a home for blacktip reef sharks, is the main attraction of this location. One of the nearby islands where these sharks can be seen.


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