Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad : Cost, Hours, and Location

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Hyderabad, often known as “The City of Pearls” is one of the top places for adventurous tourists. There is no shortage of historical attractions in Telangana’s capital city, ranging from forts and palaces to museums and temples. And that isn’t all. The city also features a plethora of modern attractions to keep young brains and children entertained. One of these locations of interest is the well-known Wonderla Amusement Park. The amusement park has rides for people of all ages, including land and water attractions, kid rides, and high-adrenaline rides. Wonderla Hyderabad provides all necessary amenities for visitors, including various eateries, an ATM, and a cloakroom.

Spend a day at Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad if you want to add some fun to your otherwise monotonous existence. Here is some information on Wonderla Hyderabad’s opening hours, main activities, and neighbouring tourist attractions.

Information about Wonderla Park in Hyderabad

Address: Raviryal, Nehru Outer Ring Road Exit No. 13,Telangana

Type: Water rides and roller coasters are available at this amusement park.

Distance from the city centre: 25 km

Options for transportation: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (16 km) is the closest airport.

Kacheguda Railway Station (33 km) is the nearest railway station.

Buses go directly between Jubilee Bus Stand and Wonderla Amusement Park.

For INR 250/-, the amusement park also provides pick-up and drop-off services at several bus stops throughout the city.

Timings: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Ticket Cost: Adults (1016), Children (812).

Time is required: 5-6 hours

What to do: Enjoy various land, water, and thrill attractions, as well as fast nibbles, refreshments, ice cream, and dinners from the cafes.

There are facilities provided.

hyderabad water park

First aid, drinking water, ATM, cloakroom, prayer room, parking, student briefing, lockers and dressing rooms, wheelchair/pram, lost and found counter

Rides and Activities at Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad

Rides on the water:

 Harakiri: The water slide on this thrilling water coaster will take you down till a specific point, even out at mid-way, and then take you down the slide again. When you reach the bottom, your momentum will propel you up a short distance.

Mammoth: This is a fantastic option for both children and adults. You sit on a rubber raft and ride down the bends and loops before landing in a shallow pool on the Mammoth water slide.

Mountain Racers: You will be supported by a rubber plank that will take you up and down multiple times before depositing you in a pool of water on this exciting ride.

Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad features a wealth of activities and rides to keep you entertained whether you are visiting with your spouse, children, parents, or friends. Let’s look more closely:

Tornado and drop:

Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad

These are unique water slides with twisting and turning tube-like formations. Before lowering you into a pool of water, the tube will take you through these twists and turns.

Land Adventures:

The Sky Wheel: Sky Wheel, the country’s second-highest Ferris wheel, is one of the primary attractions here. It will take you to the top of the tower, where you may enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

The Pirate Ship: This is comparable to a massive swing in the shape of a wooden ship. The ship swings in a 180-degree arc, making it ideal for thrill seekers.

Interstellar Mission: Mission Interstellar is a must-see if you want to see what space flight is like. You will have a lovely virtual voyage to the stars while sitting in a capsule with a 4K quality navigation screen.

The Grand Prix: This is a must-try for any automotive enthusiast. While listening to catchy music, you race a little automobile on a life-sized platform.

Exciting Rides

Maverick: As the name says, this coaster is all about twists, turns, and tilts. It can also swivel, turn upside down, and move you in any direction.

Equinox: If you want a big adrenaline rush, Equinox is a great choice. After reaching the crest, the riders travel upside down at an exciting speed of 70 kmph.

Flip T Rex twins: This is the ultimate adrenaline rush ride. Riders twirl and swirl at the ends of a massive dinosaur figurine’s robotic arms.

Spam Fest: This ride ascends and descends both clockwise and anticlockwise. In between rides, you must also be prepared for rapid accelerations and dives.

Rides for Children

Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad

Wheel for Children: This tiny version of the enormous wheel is popular among children. It’s a lot of fun with no scary parts.

Cup of Coco: Another adorable and delightful alternative for your children to take a pleasant trip in bright sets of cups and saucers.

The Flying Jumbo: This wavy merry-go-round ride on the back of a flying elephant is a must-try experience. The elephants also move vertically, which adds to the fun.

The Circus Train: This little and colourful train that travels them around the circuit is a favourite of children.

Wonderla Amusement Park in Hyderabad serves food.

Park View Dining Room: This restaurant serves delicious traditional Indian breakfast. So, if you arrive early at the amusement park, you must visit this location.

Chillies Restaurant:  Chillies Restaurant features a wide selection of alternatives, from fast nibbles to complete dinners.

Restaurant Waves: This multi-cuisine restaurant delivers a variety of combo meals such as kebabs, biryanis, and Chinese cuisines. This restaurant also serves a variety of non-vegetarian dishes.

Galaxy AC Dining: Galaxy Restaurant is a must-try if you want a vegetarian or non-vegetarian buffet.

The Food Court: The food court, like any other, offers a variety of specialities, drinks, and ice creams.

Lunch Buffet: You must make a reservation for a buffet lunch, which the amusement park will arrange for you.

Ticket Prices for Wonderland Hyderabad:


Adult (Regular): 1016 INR + 18% GST

Regular (Child): INR 812 + 18% GST


Adult (Regular): 1185 INR + 18% GST

Regular (Child): INR 948 + 18% GST

Important considerations when visiting Wonderla Amusement Park

Bring proper identification, face masks, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, an additional pair of clothes, and flip-flops.

Buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid huge lines and preserve social distance at the ticket office.

  1. Because the pools are shallow, do not dive in them.
  2. All safety and hygiene regulations must be followed.
  3. Bring no outside food or beverages into the park.
  4. Take good care of your phone, wallet, and other valuables.
  5. Wearing loose clothing is not recommended for safety reasons.
  6. Keep hydrated, especially on hot days.

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