Dubai Breaking News: Heavy Rainfall in Dubai Caused Flood

by Vedika Soni
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Dubai Breaking News: Heavy

Dubai Breaking News: Heavy Rainfall in Dubai Caused Flood

Dubai Breaking News: The unprecedented rainfall has caused Flights to be delayed or cancelled, leaving cars stranded on flooded roads in Dubai.

Dubai News: Dubai, the Middle East’s financial hub, has been paralyzed by torrential rain and storms, causing catastrophic flooding throughout the desert nation. The unprecedented rainfall has caused aircraft to be delayed or diverted, and cars to become trapped on flooded roadways.

Passengers have been cautioned not to visit Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest for international traffic, “unless absolutely necessary”.

“Flights continue to be delayed or diverted. We are working tirelessly to restore operations as soon as possible in extremely difficult conditions,” a Dubai Airports official stated.

Dubai Breaking News: Heavy

Over 500 aircraft, both inbound and outward, have been diverted, delayed, or canceled as the weather forecast anticipates more rain and storms today.

Authorities have cancelled approximately 15 flights to Dubai and 13 flights to India.

Dubai’s flagship airline, Emirates, has announced that all passenger check-ins will be halted for the day due to poor weather in Dubai. “Emirates is working hard to restore scheduled operations, and our teams will provide all possible support to affected customers,” the airline stated in a statement.

The storm’s impact stretched beyond Dubai, with similar scenes of flooding and pandemonium occurring throughout the UAE and neighboring Bahrain.

Schools have been canceled, and more storms, including hail, are expected today, leading authorities to expand remote working arrangements for government personnel.

Dubai Breaking News: Heavy

Storms and rain pounded the UAE and Bahrain after hitting Oman, killing 18 people, including numerous youngsters.

Official media said that it was the most rain since records began in 1949, before to the founding of the UAE in 1971.

Dubai Had not Experienced this before 

Dubai had not experienced any major natural disasters. However, the region is prone to severe temperatures, sandstorms, and infrequent heavy rainfall. Furthermore, Dubai has a strong infrastructure and emergency response mechanisms in place to reduce any dangers.



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