Beaches in Chennai

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Beaches in Chennai


While the majority of us consider India’s west coast to be the best area to visit for a beach vacation, the east coast is also home to numerous stunning beaches that most people haven’t seen. Chennai has a lengthy coastline and various lively beaches that are great for having fun and give newcomers to the beach a brand-new beach experience. There are several hotels to select from in Chennai, the largest city in Tamil Nadu and one of the four major metropolitan areas in the nation. You might pick one that is close to the city’s main beaches.

1. Marina Beach, Chennai

Beaches in Chennai

At Chennai’s famous Marina Beach, you’ll discover seagulls, kite sellers, cricket fans, food vendors, and families with young children. The most popular beach in Chennai is without a doubt Marina, which has one of the longest expanses of sand in an urban environment. We highly recommend going there to watch the sun drop into the Bay of Bengal (or the sunrise, if you’re an early bird!). The promenade offers a carnival-like atmosphere with lots of kid-friendly attractions and games, food stands serving bhajias and corn on the cob, and vibrant crowds strolling among the numerous memorial statues and installations. While you can appreciate the vast ocean, swimming is not recommended due to a ferocious undercurrent.

2. Elliot’s Beach in Chennai

Beaches in Chennai

Elliot’s Beach, which is located in Besant Nagar, one of the city’s trendiest areas, is one of Chennai’s cleanest beaches. It is a must-visit beach because of the welcoming atmosphere it exudes, especially in the evenings when children and families swarm the area. Many young people go out during the evening on the tidy promenade, which is lined with hip restaurants and cafes. The beach is well-kept, so you can stroll for hours without fear. The tranquil Ashtalakshmi Temple, which is devoted to the goddess Lakshmi, and the Velankani Church are further beachside attractions. The Schmidt Memorial, which bears the name of a Dutch sailor named Karl Schmidt who perished here while attempting to save the life of a little girl, is also noteworthy.

3. Chennai’s Kovalam Beach

Beaches in Chennai

One of the most beautiful beaches in Chennai is Kovalam Beach, which is a part of Tamil Nadu’s East Coast Road, or ECR, a scenic road that follows the Bay of Bengal’s coastline. Despite being only a short drive from the city, visitors continue to swarm to this Coromandel Coast beach because of the clear waters that are suitable for swimming, the length of pristine sand where you can stroll, and the numerous restaurants that are scattered across the area. However, surfing is the main draw. Yes, the waves are consistently high at Kovalam Beach, and you will see a lot of surfers riding them or waiting on the sand with their boards in hand for the ideal wave.Covelong Point Festival, an annual surfing event featuring live music and cuisine, is a must-attend. You can also take instruction at surfing schools. You’re going to have a blast if you decide to visit this fantastic beach in Chennai!

4. Thiruvanmiyur Beach in Chennai

Thiruvanmiyur Beach. tripwe.com

You would like taking a stroll on the nearby Thiruvanmiyur Beach, which is rather tranquil and considerably cleaner than Marina and Elliot’s beaches after the fervor and mayhem of those two. Thiruvanmiyur, one of Chennai’s beaches, is largely frequented by locals who come for a stroll in the morning or evening. It is almost a hidden gem among all the beaches in Chennai. Thiruvanmiyur has a welcoming atmosphere, and you’ll find yourself among joggers, runners, and cyclists. At Thiruvanmiyur, you’ll experience a welcoming atmosphere as you mix with families, joggers, and runners while taking in some downtime on this peaceful length of sand. Delicious snacks are sold at several (quite hygienic) food stands on the road leading away from the beach, and a paintball club is nearby for hours of entertainment. Thiruvanmiyur Beach, one of Chennai’s more sedate beaches, is a pleasant surprise that we heartily recommend.

5. Chennai’s Santhome Beach

Santhome Beach. tripowe.com

Ditch the crowds at Marina to go see one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai that is well-visited yet, miraculously spotless. Young couples, groups of friends and solo beachcombers can be found enjoying the sunset over azure seas here and several eateries ensure you’re fuelled up for a long-ish walk here once the sun sets.


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