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Top Things to Do in Mathura

Mathura offers a wealth of engaging activities that guarantee you’ll have a great day.

According to Hindu tradition, Lord Krishna raised this hill with just one finger when he was a little boy to shield his town from the relentless rain and thunderstorms.

Pay homage to Govardhan Hill

Vishram Ghat Boat Ride

Lord Krishna and his elder brother Lord Balram are said to have taken a nap at Vishram Ghat. As a result, the word “vishram,” which means rest, is a suitable name for this ghat on the banks of the Yamuna River.

Visit Kans Qila to Go Back in Time

Kans Qila shares a mythology with the majority of Mathura’s tourism destinations. It is said that Kansa, the dictatorial maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, lived in this historic location thousands of years ago.

A Look Back at an Older Time

The Government Museum, also known as the Mathura Museum in Uttar Pradesh, if you want a short look into the past of this well-known tourist site. This museum was established in 1874 by F.S.

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Go TO shopping

Shopping in Mathura’s well-known markets, Chhata Bazaar, Tilak Dwar, and Krishna Nagar Market, is one of the city’s most popular activities.