Places to Visit in Bhopal

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Places to Visit in Bhopal


Bhopal will enchant you with its emerald brilliance, and it is adorned by a lush, green environment. The name “City of Lakes” was given to the city because it takes pleasure in having many lakes, both man-made and natural. Aside from lakes, Bhopal’s landscape is also embellished by temples, museums, and several architectural and archaeological marvels. The city also has a lot to offer the vacationer looking for excitement. Its setting amidst hills and lovely lakes adds to its allure. This article looks at some popular tourist destinations in the city that you should check out when you’re in Bhopal, here is the best Places to visit in Bhopal.

Locations to See in Bhopal – 

Upper Lake, Bhopal, India

Places to visit in Bhopal

Upper Lake, also known as Bhojtal, is one of the best sites in Bhopal for couples to visit because of the scenic beauty and variety of activities it offers. It was built during the reign of Parmara Raja Bhoj, the illustrious ruler of Malwa, who established the royal city of Bhopal between 1005 and 1055 AD. It is one of the city’s earliest artificial lakes. Raja Bhoj, who had a rare disease, is thought to have created Upper Lake when he was unable to find a treatment for it. At the request of a saint, he constructed a tank that mixed the waters of numerous rivers. After taking a bath in the lake, Raja Bhoj recovered from his illness, and as a result, Upper Lake was created. The lake was originally called “Bada Talaab,” but in 2011 it was renamed “Bhojtal” in tribute to Raja Bhoj. At Upper Lake, you may partake in some exhilarating water sports like sailing, paddle boarding, and riding in motorboats.

Boating hours are from 6 am to 7 pm.

Boating Fees: $80 for paddleboats, $100 for cruisers, and $240 for motorboats

Bhopal’s Lower Lake

Places to Visit in Bhopal

Lower Lake, also known as “Chhota Talaab,” is located close to Upper Lake, also known as “Bada Talaab.”  Because there are so many water birds in this area, both of these lakes are collectively referred to as Bhoj Wetland. So when you come here, don’t forget to bring a camera or a set of binoculars. Both Upper and Lower Lake hold great significance for the city and are frequently visited by devotees because of the religious history associated with them. On the occasion of all significant Hindu holidays, the city of Bhopal congregates along the edges of these lakes. Read more here: Bhopal water parks

Times: None

No entry fee

Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal


Set up in 1979, Van Vihar is one of the most famous urban national parks in Central India and a great place to visit in Bhopal if you are a nature lover. The park is home to the feline species of tigers, leopards, panthers, and lions, along with bears and gharials. These animals have been housed in enclosed spaces with trenches and walls that simulate their natural habitat. The enclosures give Van Vihar the look of a zoological park more than that of a protected territory. Herbivores like chitals, sambhars, and blackbucks though, have been let loose to roam about freely in the natural surroundings. Your set of binoculars will be useful for spotting some unusual birds in the park. Along with certain migrating species from Siberia, Japan, and Europe, the park is overrun with pied kingfishers, spotbills, spoonbills, pintails, teals, and herons.


6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (from August 1 to October 30)

6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from 1 November through 15 February

16 February through 15 April, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

16th April to July 31st, 6 am to 7 pm

Fee for entry: 20

Bhopal’s Lakshmi Narayan Temple



One of the 18 temples the Birla family constructed throughout the nation, this one is commonly referred to as Birla Mandir. The temple provides a beautiful perspective of the city below from its perch atop the Arera Hills.

Bhopal’s Gohar Mahal

Bhopal's Gohar Mahal

The various colours of royalty that colour Bhopal are reflected in many of the city’s tourism attractions. One such location is Gohar Mahal, which was built in 1820 by Qudisiya Begum, the first woman to rule Bhopal. Gohar Mahal, a house on the shores of Upper Lake, reflects the cultural legacy of the Nawabs of Bhopal. The palace, a refuge for historians, provides insights into Bhopal’s illustrious past. The state’s tourist and handicraft agencies organise fairs, workshops, and displays of tribal art in order to maintain interest in this palace. Gohar Mahal hosts the yearly Bhopal Mahotsav from January through February. It attracts visitors, admirers of art, craftspeople, artisans, and folk performers from all around Madhya Pradesh.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

No entry fee

Sanchi Stupa


Small-town Sanchi is well-known for its monasteries and other Buddhist-themed landmarks. Make sure to include the village in your vacation itinerary because it is one of the lovely spots to visit within 100 kilometres of Bhopal. Buddhist monks, tourists, and pilgrims from all over the world visit Sanchi Stupa year-round to see its grandeur and express their adoration.

Bhojpur Shiv Temple

bhojpur, tripowe.com

Bhojpur,  which is located on the Betwa River, it is 32 km from Bhopal The site is situated close to a steep gorge through which the Betwa River flows on sandstone ridges typical of central India. In order to block and redirect the Betwa, two substantial dams made of enormous hammer-dressed stones were erected in the eleventh century, resulting in the formation of a sizable lake. The site layout provided below depicts the lake’s estimated size.



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