Anchuthengu Fort: A History of Kerala’s Colonial Past

by Vedika Soni
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Anchuthengu Fort
Anchuthengu Fort: A History of Kerala’s Colonial Past

Anchuthengu Fort

Anjengo Fort, sometimes called Anchuthengu Fort, is a symbol of Kerala’s rich colonial past and is tucked away along the Malabar Coast. This fort, rich in architectural wonders and history, transports tourists to a fascinating bygone era. Let’s investigate this historical treasure and learn more about its fascinating stories.

Background and importance:

A pivotal point in Kerala’s colonial history is the 17th-century British East India Company-built Anchuthengu Fort. Because of its advantageous location on the coast, it was an important British trading base and facilitated the profitable spice trade. The fort was originally the first British outpost in Kerala, having been leased to the British by the Queen of Attingal.

Design and Architecture:

Anchuthengu FortAnchuthengu Fort’s architecture is a fusion of indigenous and European designs. Built with wood and locally accessible laterite stones, the fort demonstrates the creativity of colonial builders. Sturdy bastions, a perfectly manicured courtyard, and a soaring lighthouse that watches over the Arabian Sea and provides expansive views of the coastline are all features of its architecture.

Investigating the Fort:

Upon entering Anchuthengu Fort, guests are immersed in a time period characterized by marine commerce and colonial conflicts. The barracks, warehouses, and governor’s mansion are among the fort’s well-preserved buildings that offer insights into the lives of the European residents who once called these sections home. One of the main attractions is the lighthouse, which offers breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Nearby Attractions:

Anchuthengu FortVisiting Anchuthengu Fort provides an opportunity to discover nearby sites. A short distance from the fort is the tranquil Anjengo Beach, where guests are welcome to relax among golden dunes and placid waters. The historical curiosity is further enhanced by the neighboring relics of the Dutch cemetery, which provide insights into the various colonial influences that shaped this coastal region.

Advice for Guests:
Tours with a guide:

Choosing guided tours can enhance the experience by offering comprehensive historical perspectives on the past of the fort and the influence of the colonial era on Kerala’s culture and legacy.


The fort’s architecture and views of the coast make for a lovely subject for photographers to take striking pictures of.

Hours of visitation:

A successful and comfortable visit to the fort can be ensured by checking its visiting hours in advance.

Conscientious Investigation:

Respecting the historical value and the preservation of the site is crucial when exploring the fort and its environs.

How to Get There:

tripoweAnchuthengu Fort is easily accessible by a number of different transportation options. The fort is reachable by road and rail from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, which lies around 36 kilometers away. Taxis and buses are easily accessible from Thiruvananthapuram for road travelers, providing a picturesque trip along the coastline route. With its views of the gorgeous coastline, the drive itself enhances the experience. If you would rather travel by train, the closest station is Kadakkavur, which has excellent connections to Thiruvananthapuram and other important cities in Kerala. Tourists might have a handy alternative of reaching Anchuthengu Fort from Kadakkavur by cab or local transportation.

Ideal Time to Go:

The cooler months of October through March are the best times to visit Anchuthengu Fort because of the nice moderate weather that makes exploring the fort and its surroundings enjoyable. Kerala’s winter season provides ideal weather for touring and outdoor activities, guaranteeing a pleasurable experience free from the discomforts of intense heat or persistent rain.These months offer the ideal weather for visitors to explore the fort’s historical artifacts, take in its lavish architecture, and visit nearby Anjengo Beach and other nearby sites. Because of the pleasant weather, historical significance, and tranquil beach setting of Anchuthengu Fort, these months are especially appealing to tourists looking for a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation.

Anchuthengu Fort is a stark reminder of Kerala’s colonial past, providing a glimpse into a period of exploration, trade, and cross-cultural interaction. Travelers interested in Kerala’s maritime past find it to be an enthralling destination due to its architectural splendor and strategic significance. Anchuthengu Fort is more than just a place to travel back in time; it’s a chance to see how different cultures come together and be a part of a historic event that has had a significant impact on Kerala’s history.

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