“Bangalore to Goa Road Trip: Exploring India’s Spectacular Beauty”

by Vedika Soni
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"Bangalore to Goa Road Trip: Exploring India's Spectacular Beauty"


Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

Goa has long been a favored vacation spot for Indian tourists, whether they are beach lovers, thrill seekers, partygoers, or even leisure travelers. People are drawn to this beachy, lively location for some reason, especially at this time when travel has been put on the back burner for a while. There are many spots in journey of Bangalore to Goa Road Trip. Is there anything more thrilling than a trip to Goa once things start to return to normal? If it’s a road trip, all the better, right?

Now, every traveler should make the drive from Bangalore to Goa at least once in their lifetime. There is therefore no better opportunity to do so if you haven’t done so already than after the lockdown. To put it mildly, the highways that connect India’s Silicon Valley with the nation’s party hub are spectacular in their natural beauty.

The travels from India’s Silicon Valley to the nation’s party hub are astounding to say the least because of their picturesque splendor.

Continue reading if you want to drive from Bangalore to Goa over the weekend. The various routes you can travel, as well as their attractions and layovers, are discussed on this site.

Frequently Used Routes from Bangalore to Goa

When traveling by car from Bangalore to Goa, there are four distinct routes you can take. The nicest part is that each route has a unique charm. Without having to stray too far from your path, you can stop at a number of natural and man-made sites along the way. To maximize your road vacation, you can even choose two separate routes for the outbound and return trips. So, given below is a summary of these well-traveled roads.

Route 1: The Hubli-Anmod Ghat Route

: The Hubli-Anmod Ghat Route

If you’re headed to North Goa, the Hubli-Anmod Ghat route is one of the most beautiful trails from Bangalore. Your road excursion will be enhanced by breathtaking views of the Western Ghats and great road conditions. This trail is fascinating for everyone, but especially for history buffs because you may stop at a lot of locations along the way. If you are going with your family and children, you know which route to take because there is a waterfall and a deer refuge you can visit along the way. The nice aspect is that this is one of the more straightforward routes to Goa from Bangalore.

Route: You will travel from Bangalore to Panaji through Tumkur, Chitradurga, Hubli, Dharwad, Ramnagar, and Anmod.

Distance: 600 kilometers, roughly.

Travel Period: Without any detours, it took about 9 hours.

Popular Rest Stops:

Fort Chitradurga: The medieval Chitradurga Fort, located in a level valley, has seven concentric fortress walls. The precincts of the fort, also known as the Seven Circles Fort or Stone Fortress, provide sweeping views over the lowlands.

Blackbuck Deer Sanctuary in Ranebennur: If you love nature, you can take a short detour to Ranebennur, which is home to protected blackbucks and the critically endangered great Indian bustards.

Are you interested in history? Then you’ll be delighted by a trip through the charming and historically significant towns of Haveri and Sira.

The Anmod Ghats:

The magnificent Anmod Ghats, which has some of the most breathtaking waterfalls around Bangalore and provides fantastic possibilities for photographers to capture breathtaking images, is one of the main draws of this route.

Falls at Dudhsagar:

The Dudhsagar Falls undoubtedly top the list for visual splendor. It is a four-tiered waterfall that rushes down against the Western Ghats’ lush backdrop, providing a sight to behold and treasure.

Stop by Kottureshwara in Davanagere for a filling breakfast of hot and delicious Benne Dosa. You may also visit Kamat Upachar or Café Coffee Day in Sira to chow down on their mouthwatering breakfast fare and steaming glasses of coffee. You might stop at either the Mollem Karibu Garden Restaurant or the Roshan Restaurant for lunch; both of these well-liked establishments are renowned for their cuisine and customer care. There are lots of places to stop for food along the way, but given the circumstances, it’s best if you bring your own supplies.

Pathway 2: The Karwar Pathway

Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

This is one of the greatest routes to take if you’re going from Bangalore to the southern regions of Goa. This route will take you there via NH 48, then NH 66, taking in the stunning Western Ghats  route. Every lover of nature will find plenty of reasons to pause along the Karwar road and take in the sights. Additionally, it is home to the Karwar Warship Museum, a top destination for those who are fascinated and want to learn more about worships.

Route: Nelamangala, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Sirsi, Ankola, and Karwar are the cities via which you will go to get to Goa.

Distance: around 620 kilometres

Trip Length: Without any detours, 12 hours roughly

Favorite Pit Stops:

The Jog Falls:

One of the outstanding sites along this road is Jog Falls, which comes in second place among the nation’s plunging waterfalls. To go to the falls, though, you must turn around and leave Sirsi. We promise that it is absolutely worth the detour!


Make a detour to Gokarna on your trip if you think Goa’s beaches are the pinnacle of unspoiled beauty. It is a beautiful refuge of sand and surf and one of the best places to partake in some thrilling water sports. While in Gokarna, be sure to check out Om Beach and Paradise Beach.

Museum of the Karwar Warships

INS Chapal (K94), a former battleship, is situated on the Rabindranath Tagore Beach in Karwar. Don’t forget to look at the torpedoes and missile launchers that are here as well.This is one of the spot in journey of Bangalore to Goa Road Trip.

The Upadhya Veg Restaurant, which is located immediately before arriving in Chitradurga (after passing the windmills), serves a hearty breakfast. There are a lot of excellent places to eat lunch in Karwar. Both Swetha Lunch Home and Hotel Amrut, known for their delicious seafood dishes, are worthwhile stops. The Udupi Café is the place to go if you’re seeking for vegetarian food. Another choice is to prepare some snacks and keep some quick-meal options on hand, such as sandwiches, packed paranthas, fruits, etc.

Route 3: The Belgaum Highway

Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

If you read any blogs on road trips from Bangalore to Goa, you’ll see that many travelers like this route for all the correct reasons. The voyage is nothing short of a wonderful experience in and of itself, adorned with lush green landscapes, dazzling waterfalls, forts, and caves. This route, which passes over NH 75, is a great choice for travelers who want to spend time in North Goa. As you approach Belgaum, the road will be covered in trees, with verdant fields and valleys contributing to its beautiful charm. And for that reason, this path is a top choice among those who enjoy the outdoors.

Route: This route travels from Bangalore to Panaji through Nelamangala, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Belgaum, and Chorla Ghat.

Distance: about 630 kilometers.

Travel time, without detours, is around 11 hours.

Popular Rest Stops:

Falls at Surla:

This milky white waterfall that thunders down against a background of lush greenery is a revitalizing sight for weary eyes. All year long, it is an excellent place for trekking.

Fort Belgaum:

One of the oldest forts in Karnataka and a historically significant fort, Belgaum Fort is frequently included as one of the top things to do in Bangalore and the surrounding districts. The enormous building has an oval shape. Exploring this historic gem will be a treat for history aficionados. This is one of the spot in journey of Bangalore to Goa Road Trip.

The dam of Anjunem:

The Anjunem Keri Dam offers plenty of possibilities for photographers to practice taking beautiful pictures. Taking in the peaceful sights and sounds of the dam will also be a great experience.

Ghat Chorla:

The Chorla Ghat is a part of the Sahyadri Mountain Range in the Western Ghats and is surrounded by lush vegetation and a number of waterfalls. This is a location where you can see a variety of bird species.

The Arvalem Caves:

These are some of Goa’s undiscovered beauties, also referred to as the Pandava Caves. The rock-cut caverns in Sanquelim village are ancient, dating to the 6th century BC. This location has a unique small-town charm that sets it apart from Goa’s clubs and Bangalore’s hipster pubs.

Make a pit stop at the Pavitra Idli Hotel on NH 4 near Tumkur if you enjoy South Indian delicacies for breakfast and tuck into some of their fluffy thatte idlis and vadas with plenty of butter. Although it may appear to be one of Bangalore’s busiest spots for street food, the quality of the food is what attracts people in. Don’t forget to sample their fantastic filter coffee. For a full meal, visit at Paratha Cornet in Belgaum. Before turning towards the Surla Falls, you can find Delta Eco Huts on the highway, which is another excellent alternative.

Route 4: The Twin Falls Road

The Twin Falls Road

One of the longest routes from Bangalore to Goa is via Twin Falls. But all along the way, you’ll be accompanied by beautiful views. Buses from the Karnataka State Transport frequently travel this route between Bangalore and Goa. The trail will take you along NH 4, NH 63, and NH 17, all of which are in good condition. Guess what the finest part is? You can take a side trip to visit Magod Falls and Vibhuti Falls, two beautiful waterfalls along the way. And you were right to guess that these two waterfalls are where the road gets its name.This is one of the spot in journey of Bangalore to Goa Road Trip.

Route: Beginning in Bangalore, you will go through Hubli, Yellapur, Ankola, Karwar, Canacona, and Margao before arriving in Panjim.

Distance: 680 kilometers, about.

Travel Period: Without any detours, it took about 11 hours.

Popular Rest Stops:

The Magod Falls: The River Bedti created this two-tiered waterfall, which cascades from a height of roughly 200 meters and makes for a beautiful spectacle. To get to the waterfall from the highway, you must take a 12 kilometer detour.This is one of the spot in journey of Bangalore to Goa Road Trip.

Lake Kavadi Kere:

The tranquil Kavadi Kere Lake is framed by hills and exudes peace. Visit the ancient Goddess Durga shrine close to the lake if you have the chance.

Falls at Vibhuti:


The stunning waterfall Vibhuti is tucked away in the Western Ghats not far from Sirsi town. It is a recurring waterfall that creates an amazing sight as it crashes over the rocks. To reach this waterfall from the highway, take a 14-km detour.

Between Sira and Hiriyur, make a pit stop at the Sai Palace Restaurant to have a hearty South Indian breakfast and delectable filter coffee or tea. A great site to stop for lunch is Kamat Upachar, which is close to Ankola. Given the current scenario, there is a risk that some of the eateries along the way will be closed, so be sure to bring some homemade food or snacks just in case.This is one of the spot in journey of Bangalore to Goa Road Trip.

You will eventually arrive in Goa. Have a great day exploring Goa’s beautiful beaches and exciting casinos once you’ve checked into one of the city’s hotels. The pubs in Goa are a terrific location to let your hair down and shake a leg if you’re a night owl. After all, visiting this idyllic beach destination is all about having a good time and escaping the lockdown blues, isn’t it? Take this opportunity to arrange your long-awaited trip to the region of sand, sun, and surf!


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