Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand

by Vedika Soni
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Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand

Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 07:12 am

Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand

Here is the list of Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand

1. Yaowaraj in Bangkok

Yaowaraj in BangkokBest places to celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand:- While the Chinese New Year is observed throughout Thailand, Yaowaraj, Bangkok’s Chinatown, hosts the largest celebrations. Major highways are blocked off to traffic for this festival, which is one of the most popular meetings. Just consider how packed Yaowaraj Road must get for all four lanes to need to be stopped. People wearing red are everywhere, wishing one another a happy new year, or “xin nian hao.” There’s an indisputable, contagious energy in the air at this time. Although there’s not much room to breathe on these congested roadways, celebrating the Chinese New Year here is sure to make you feel part of the community.

2. The Phuket

The PhuketThe major Phuket roads of Thalang Road, Dibuk Road, and Phang Nga Road are also the scene of these festivities. Despite being a Chinese holiday, everyone celebrates it, and visitors are cordially invited to join in the fun. On the days preceding New Year’s Day, Phuket hosts dozens of beach parties.

3. Warorot, Chiang Mai Market

tripoweYou should be at Warorot Market in Chiang Mai’s historic town for a more somber celebration. Stalls selling food and trinkets litter the streets. Get ready to stroll all day and indulge in a variety of treats made especially for the occasion.

4. Bangkok’s Charoen Krung Street

Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year in ThailandAnother spot to go in Bangkok for a more low-key party is Charoen Krung Street. Lengnoeiyi Temple and Mang Nguan Ha Shrine in front of Princess Mother Park are lovely spots if you’d like to visit a shrine during this period.

5. Bangkok’s Talad Noi

Bangkok's Talad NoiThe Talad Noi neighborhood of Bangkok observes a more solemn Chinese New Year. Although there aren’t as many people as in Yaowarat, the joyful, upbeat vibe is still present. The city’s oldest Hokkien Chinese shrine, Chow Sue Kong Shrine, is located there. There is no denying the strong Chinese influence in this serene neighborhood filled with ornate Chinese houses.

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