Why Bhangarh Fort is Known as Haunted Fort?

by Vedika Soni
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Why is Bhangarh Fort is Known as Haunted Fort?

Why Bhangarh Fort is Known as Haunted Fort?

The Bhangarh Fort, located in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, is well-known as one of India’s most haunted locales. Raja Madho Singh erected the fort in the 17th century, and it is home to several traditions and stories that add to its haunted status. Here are a few reasons and a Bhangarh Fort Story Why  Bhangarh Fort is Known as Haunted Fort? in haunted locations in India :

Few Reasons Why Bhangarh Fort is thought to be haunted:

Curse of a Tantrik:

According to local traditions, the fort’s construction was allowed by a local Tantrik (a Tantra practitioner), who stipulated that the fort’s shadow never fall on his residence. However, one of the succeeding rulers neglected this condition, resulting in the fort being cursed and eventually abandoned, as well as a supposed haunting.

Mysterious Love Story:

Why is Bhangarh Fort is Known as Haunted Fort

Another well-known legend relates about Ratnavati, a lovely princess from Bhangarh, and Singhia, a Tantrik who fell for her. Singhia attempted to employ black magic to make Ratnavati fall in love with him, but his schemes were defeated, resulting in his death. Before his death, Singhia cursed the fort, claiming that no one would ever be able to dwell there peacefully.

Mysterious Disappearances:

Visitors to Bhangarh Fort have experienced unusual sounds, apparitions, and the sensation of being watched. Some people claim to have seen paranormal activity, while others have reported unexpected illnesses or injuries. These incidents have heightened the fort’s reputation as a haunted location.

Government caution Signs:

Why is Bhangarh Fort is Known as Haunted Fort?

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which is in charge of maintaining Bhangarh Fort, has posted caution signs throughout the grounds, asking visitors not to enter the fort after sunset or before daybreak owing to the possibility of paranormal activity. This official recognition of the fort’s haunting history adds to its allure.

Cultural Beliefs and Superstitions:

In India, there is a strong belief in the existence of spirits and supernatural beings. Many people link the supposed haunting of Bhangarh Fort to these beliefs, viewing it as a location where restless spirits roam and wield power.

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