Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024

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Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024

Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024

Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024 – Banglore is the capital of Karnataka, India. Banglore is also known as the capital of IT companies. Banglore is most popular and famous tourist attraction for millions of people . If you take a break from your daily routine life and want to go out for a tour, then Hill Station near Banglore is the best option. There are many places to visit in Banglore, but Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024 Gives you a stunning and majestic view.

List of Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024

Nandi Hills – 62Km From Bangalore

Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024

The most closest Hill Station near Banglore is Nandi Hills. It is the most visited and famous hill station. Here you can do so many adventurous activities like- paragliding, you can go on a mountain bike ride. The hills are protected by the town of Nandi. The people of Nandi think that the famous Arkavathi River originated in the hills.

Best Time to  Visit – October to May

Location – Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka, 62Km from Banglore

Narayangiri – 69Km From Bangalore

Narayangiri - 69Km From Bangalore tripowe.com

Narayanagiri Hill is a situated in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka, at Jalamangala village, it is one of the top high peak near Banglore. One of the less well-known mountain meetings in Karnataka, it is a well-liked destination for day hikes from Bangalore. It’s more wonderful to see the sunrise from the top of the hill. One of the most popular activities here is night trekking.

Best Time to  Visit – September to May

Location – Ramanagara district of Karnataka, 69Km away from Banglore

Brahmagiri – 253Km From Banglore

Brahmagiri -Banglore tripowe.com


Brahmagiri is siyuated in the western ghats of South India. It is one of the most beautiful hill station near Banglore. But the main attraction of this hill location is the hiking path that takes you to the peak and satisfies your need for excitement. Brahmagiri hill station is the perfect place for who loves nature’s beauty.

Best Time to  Visit – May to October

Location – Wayanad district of Kerala, 253Km from Banglore

Ooty – 273Km From Bangalore

Beautiful Hill Stations near Banglore 2024

Ooty is known as the “Queen of Hills”. There is no doubt to say that Oot is the most popular and famous hill station of India. There are many things to do exploring the Ooty Lake by boat, see the Benchmaker Tea Factory, take a road trip to Kotagiri, and see the Government Tea Park Travel to Ooty on the Toy Train. Trekking, hiking, fishing, yoga, hand gliding, and sightseeing tours.

Best Time to  Visit – April to June and September to November

Location – Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, 273Km from Banglore

Wayanad – 278Km From Bangalore

Wayanad - Bangalore tripowe.com

Wayanad is the best place to escape the scorching sun of North India because of its pleasant temperatures throughout the year. This location offers not just a mild climate but also natural forests, foggy mountains, and expansive plantations. This mountains station’s major tribal population and different way of life are extra attractions.

Best Time to  Visit – September to April

Location – District of Kerala, 278Km away from Banglore


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