Best Places to Visit in Manipur in 2024

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Best Places to Visit in Manipur in 2024

Best Places to Visit in Manipur in 2024

Best Places to Visit in Manipur in 2024 – The travel and tourism sector in Manipur, the pride of Northeast India, is constantly growing. It is well known for its lush environment, varied animals, and rich cultural history. There are many beautiful Places to Visit in Manipur which makes you unforgettable memories .

Here are List of Places to Visit in Manipur 2024

Chandel – Melting Pot Of Tribes

Best Places to Visit in Manipur in 2024


Chandel is one of the  Best Places to Visit in Manipur . Chandel, is a District of Manipur State. This place is one of the famous tourist attraction place in Manipur, which attracts million of people form all the world. Chandel , this place is showcasing the culture of tribes , natural beauty . It is also famous for making handicrafts and textiles. It located in the shores of Chakpi river.

Location – October to February

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Imphal – The Heart of Manipur

Imphal tripowe.com

Imphal is the Capital of Manipur and it is second largest city of Northeast India, which is include in the Places to Visit in Manipur . This place is also a gateway of many tourists place such as Loktak Lake , which is the largest freshwater lake in the Northeast India and It is also kept of most famous landmarks like Manipur State Museum, Imphal War Cemetery and many more.

Location – Imphal, Manipur

Best Time to Visit –  September to April

Andro – The Cultural Heartbeat Of Manipur

Andro Manipur tripowe.com

Andro is a small village , which is located in the city Imphal. It is perfect picturesque and beautiful destination for visit of tourist in Manipur .  Andro is known as The Cultural Heartbeat Of Manipur  . It is famous for its pottery . This is not just a small place of Manipur, it represent the cultural heritage , creativity and artful work of Meitei people.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Location – 25km towards east of Imphal

Senapati – Gateway to Nature’s Splendour

Senapati Manipur tripowe.com

Senapati is a District of Manipur, located near Imphal. It is blessed with natural beauty and a perfect picturesque place . The district’s high topography and heavy rainfall are factors in its lush forests and wide variety of flora and wildlife.

Location – District of Manipur State

Best Time to Visit – Winter season

Thoubal – Trekkers’ Paradise

Thoubal Manipur tripowe.com

Trekkers who enjoy getting lost in beautiful surroundings often choose to go to Thoubal, one of Manipur’s most famous locations. In the Indian state of Manipur, Thoubal is both a town and the district center of the Thoubal district. Thoubal, which combines modernity and tradition with ease, is well-known for its green environment, and rich cultural diversity.

Location – At the bank of the Thoubal River and pass through by National Highway,Manipur

Best Time to Visit – March and October

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