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Pune Travel Guide


Pune Travel Guide: Tradition, Culture, and Modernity

Pune, known as the “Oxford of the East,” is a city that successfully combines its ancient roots with modern achievements. Pune, known for its educational institutions, cultural liveliness, and nice environment, has something to offer every type of traveller. Pune has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, spirituality, food, or adventure.

Historical Legacy:

Pune’s history extends back to ancient times, with kingdoms and empires intertwining its roots. During the 18th century, the city served as the capital of the Maratha Empire. This historical legacy may be seen in the numerous forts, palaces, and monuments dotting the area. Pune’s historical significance is attested to both Shaniwar Wada, an ancient palace fort, and Aga Khan Palace, a witness to India’s struggle for freedom.

Academic Excellence:

Pune is well-known for its educational institutions as well as its intellectual vibrancy. It is known as the “Oxford of the East” since it is home to multiple institutions, research centres, and colleges. This intellectual environment gives the city a youthful vigour and attracts students and researchers from all around India and beyond.

Diversity of Culture

The city’s cultural fabric is weaved from numerous threads of spirituality, music, art, and religion. Traditional Maharashtrian practices mix with global influences in this melting pot of civilizations. The Osho International Meditation Resort attracts visitors from all over the world, and Pune’s wide range of religious institutions include several temples, churches, and mosques.

Delicious foods

Pune’s food scene combines native Maharashtrian dishes with those from other countries in a delicious way. The area is also known for its delicious street cuisine, which includes dishes like vada pav, bhakarwadi, and misal pav. Pune’s dining selections are a reflection of its varied background, ranging from traditional Maharashtrian thalis to international gourmet experiences.

Modern Hub:

Pune has welcomed modernity with open arms while conserving its history and culture. The city has become a center for research, manufacturing, and information technology. The contemporary infrastructure, commercial centers, and tech parks that coexist peacefully demonstrate this healthy blending of heritage and progress.

Places to visit in Pune

Shaniwar Wada:

pune travel guide

This ancient fort-palace serves as a reminder of Pune’s lengthy past. Discover its impressive gates, dexterous sculptures, and the recognizable “Narayan Gate.”

Agra Khan Palace:

Agra Khan Palace pune, tripowe.com

Agra Khan Palace is an important historical location that is strongly related to India’s quest for independence. There is a Mahatma Gandhi museum there, as well as historical displays about him.

Temple of Lord Ganpati in Dagadusheth Halwai:


Probably the most well-known and venerated Ganesh temple in Pune, famed for its lavish Ganesh Chaturthi decorations.

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple

pune travel guide

An old Lord Shiva temple carved out of rock that displays beautiful craftsmanship. Visitor experiences meditation, wellness classes, and a spa at the Osho International Meditation Resort, a spiritual refuge.

International Osho Meditation Retreat:

A peaceful environment, wellness classes, and meditation are available to visitors at this spiritual haven.

Museum of Raja Dinkar Kelkar:


Museum of Raja Dinkar Kelkar has a substantial collection of items from the Indian subcontinent, including sculptures, paintings, ornamental arts, and more.

(Pune Zoo) Rani Jijamata Udyan:

Rani Jijamata Udyan a sizable zoo with a variety of animal types, making it a welcoming place for families.

Parvati Temple and Hill:


Explore the ancient Parvati Temple complex and climb Parvati Hill for sweeping views of Pune.

The Lal Mahal :

The Lal Mahal, tripowe.com

Jijabai’s recreated palace, which provides insights into Maratha history, was once owned by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Museum of Darshan:

An interactive museum showcasing Sadhu Vaswani’s love and compassion-based philosophy is devoted to his life and teachings.

(Okayama Friendship Garden) Pu La Deshpande Garden:

A tranquil, Japanese-themed garden with lovely landscaping and water features.

Hill, Vetal Tekdi:  

A well-liked location for trekking and expansive views of Pune, particularly around sunrise and sunset.

Musee Raja Kelkar:

A private collection of works of art, antiquities, and oddities originating from all around India, showcasing the diversity of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Southern Command of the National War Memorial:  

Pay respects to India’s armed forces by visiting numerous defense-related museums and memorials.

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