Weekend Getaways near Amritsar

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Weekend Getaways near Amritsar


Amritsar, which is home to the famed Golden Temple and other important monuments like Jallianwala Bagh, draws a lot of tourists every year. While some visitors want to see the city, others want to learn something new by travelling to places away from the crowds. You’re in luck if you also wish to spend the weekend outside of Amritsar. Numerous locations close to the city are easily accessible in a few hours and are ideal for a quick weekend trip, here is Weekend Getaways near Amritsar .

Some of the top weekend getaways from Amritsar are listed below:

  1. Dalhousie

Weekend Getaways near Amritsar

Dalhousie, a tranquil town surrounded by the Dhauladhar hills, is full of natural beauty and has a classic appeal. This hill station, named after the British Governor Lord Dalhousie, has maintained its colonial character over time, so you may find a variety of lovely cottages and churches here. This town guarantees a good time for everyone, whether they enjoy the outdoors, are seeking for an exciting adventure, or just want a calm place to spend the weekend.

Approximate distance from Amritsar: 202 kilometres

Panchpula, Dainkund Peak, and Chamera Lake should not be missed

April to June and November to February are the best months to travel.

2.Dharamsala-McLeod Ganj

Weekend Getaways near Amritsar

When a traveller hears the names Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj, they immediately think of stunning landscapes and historic monasteries. His Holiness the Dalai Lama lives in Dharamsala, a charming hill town with a view of the Dhauladhar mountains. The Tibetan community at McLeod Ganj, which is 10 km from Dharamsala, has earned the name “Little Lhasa.” If you enjoy Tibetan cuisine, we bet you’ll want to come back again and time again.

Approximately 205 km separate Amritsar.

The Namgyal Monastery, Triund, and Tsuglagkhang Complex are must-see attractions.

March to June and November to February are the best months to travel.


Kangra, tripowe.com

The ‘Land of Gods’ or ‘Devbhumi’ is another name for Kangra, which is a place of spiritual residence. Both fanatics and those who love the outdoors and are looking for a unique weekend escape come to the valley. For those who enjoy trekking, it is also heaven. It is difficult not to feel fortunate to have witnessed such panoramic beauty as lush green pine woods, snowy hills, tea gardens, fruit orchards, terraced fields, small streams, and rural homes all make a picture so magnificent.

Approximate distance from Amritsar: 203 kilometres

What Not to Miss: Chamunda Devi Temple, Kangra Art Museum, and Kangra Fort

May to June and September to November are the best months to travel.

  1. Khajjiar

Weekend Getaways near Amritsar

Khajjiar is the ideal hideaway for a leisurely vacation, with the snow-capped Himalayas serving as the backdrop and dense deodar and pine forests covering the surrounding surroundings. This tiny village, also referred to as the “Gulmarg of Himachal,” is a trekking enthusiast’s dream come true. The Dalhousie, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chamba hikes all begin here.

Distance from Amritsar is approximately 212 kilometres.

Khajjiar Lake, Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, and Khajji Nag Temple are must-see attractions.

Best Months to Go: April to June.

  1. Jammu

Jammu, tripowe.com

Jammu, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir during the winter, is renowned for its historic temples and Vaishno Devi shrine. This city has a beautiful setting because it is located on the Tawi River’s banks and in the foothills of the Himalayas. You may discover everything in this captivating city, from breathtaking mountains and venerated temples to lush green valleys and opulent mansions.

Distance from Amritsar is approximately 214 kilometres.

What Not to Miss: Bagh-e-Bahu, Amar Mahal Palace, and Vaishno Devi Temple

March to early May is the ideal time to visit.

  1. Chandigarh

Chandigarh. tripowe.com

One of the liveliest cities in India is Chandigarh, which was built by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. It is the ideal illustration of how modernity and nature can coexist. Chandigarh is a great choice if your concept of a weekend getaway involves unwinding at your hotel, visiting neighbouring sites, shopping, and sampling delicious North Indian cuisine. There are many unique locations in the city where you can have a wonderful time with friends and family.

Distance from Amritsar: around 226 kilometres

Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, and Chattbir Zoo are things to not miss.

August to November is the best time to travel.

  1. Palampur

Palampur. tripowe.com

A tranquil town known for its tea plantations, Palampur is situated against the Dhauladhar hills. The area is popular among travellers seeking a calm haven because it is virtually undiscovered despite the fact that the tea produced in Palampur is well-known across the world. Palampur has a short but sufficient array of attractions to keep you entertained throughout the course of a weekend.

Distance from Amritsar: around 229 kilometres

Nevgal Khad, Baijnath Temple, and Chamunda Devi Temple are things to not miss.

March to June and mid-September to late-November are the best times to travel.

  1. Chamba

Chamba. tripowe.com

The pristine beauty and tranquil surroundings of Chamba draw numerous visitors all year long. This little settlement, which is situated on the banks of the Ravi River, has a long history that dates back to the second century BC. It has historic temples and forts, pristine lakes, and lush forests, all set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, adding to the area’s exclusivity.

Distance from Amritsar: around 239 kilometres

What to Avoid Missing: Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Bhuri Singh Museum, and Champavati Temple

The best time to go is from March through October.

  1. Shimla


Shimla, known as the “Queen of Hill Stations,” needs no introduction. This hill town’s alluring beauty once made it the British Empire’s summer capital, and it still draws tourists from all over the world today. Tourists are constantly in awe of its nice environment, snow-capped mountains, and fascinating flora. Because Kufri offers skiing and tobogganing, it should be on your travel itinerary if you’re looking for adventure.

the approximate distance from Amritsar is 296 kilometres.

What not to miss: Christ Church, Jakhoo Temple, and Mall Road

March to June and November to February are the best months to travel.


Kasauli. tripowe.com

Are you looking for a tranquil weekend break to calm your nerves? You might find Kasauli to be the ideal hiding place. This colonial settlement is referred to as the “little jewel” of the Great Himachal necklace because it is surrounded by wooded pine trees. With its lovely orchards, colonial-era homes, and rich animals, Kasauli is a must-visit for adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers who want to escape the hectic pace of cities.

Approximate distance from Amritsar: 309 kilometres

Monkey Point, Sunset Point, and Gilbert Trail are things not to miss.

Best months to travel are July and August and November and February.


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