Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura: From Temples to River Rides

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Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura:

Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura: From Temples to River Rides

Things to Do in Mathura: You might imagine that there are only a few things to do in Mathura, like go to the temples, but that is not the case. Unexpectedly, Mathura offers a wealth of engaging activities that guarantee you’ll have a great day.

You can take a boat ride at the Vishram Ghat, enjoy Kansa Qila’s historic appeal, and take a swim in Kusum Sarovar, Radha Kund, and other sacred ponds after visiting all of the city’s well-known temples and Govardhan Hill. You can go to the Government Museum to learn more about its rich culture and past, and you can go to its well-known markets to get a feel for the neighborhood.

 These well-liked Things to Do in Mathura, go to our guide:

What to Do in Mathura

1. Go to places of worship

Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura: From Temples

Visit Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, the site of Lord Krishna’s birth, since it is one of the top things to do in Mathura. This location is a must-see for anyone visiting Mathura, regardless of whether they are a devotee. The mother of the Lord, Devaki Ji, used to wash her children’s clothes in the spacious stepwell Potra Kund, which is close to this shrine.

Other well-known religious sites in Mathura include the Yama-Yamuna Temple, Banke Bihari Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, Gita Mandir, Nand Bhawan, Prem Mandir, Krishna Balaram Mandir, which is run by ISKCON, and Jama Masjid. You can also schedule a trip to Barsana, the residence of Lord Krishna’s wife Radharani, Gokul, the secretive abode where the Lord was raised, Nandgaon, the residence of the Lord’s foster father Nanda Ji, and Nidhivan, the location of the Lord’s beautiful dance (Rasleela).

2. Pay homage to Govardhan Hill

Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura: From Temples

No matter how long you want to spend in Mathura, you must go to Govardhan Hill. According to Hindu tradition, Lord Krishna raised this hill with just one finger when he was a little boy to shield his town from the relentless rain and thunderstorms. This 80-foot-tall sandstone hill has grown tremendously sacred since then. As a result, each year, people travel to Govardhan Hill to celebrate Govardhan Puja. The Govardhan Hill, also known as Govardhan Parvat, Giri Raj, Royal Hill, and Mount Govardhan, is also circumambulated by fervent worshippers. You can also visit adjacent Mansi Ganga Lake, Kusum Sarovar, Haridev Temple, and Chhatri of Raja Suraj Mall, which are all well-known tourist destinations.

3. Vishram Ghat Boat Ride

Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura: From Temples

The Vishram Ghat

After murdering his evil uncle Kansa, Lord Krishna and his elder brother Lord Balram are said to have taken a nap at Vishram Ghat. As a result, the word “vishram,” which means rest, is a suitable name for this ghat on the banks of the Yamuna River. A boat trip looks like a must-do activity while you’re here, and you even get to see the entire ghat while gliding.

The Mukut Temple, Murli Manohar Temple, and the temple to the goddess Yamuna, whose statue is decorated with lovely jewelry and a crown, are the three most well-known temples on the ghat. Major crowd-pullers are the morning and evening aartis, which fill the air with the chanting of mantras, the light of diyas, and the perfume of incense and flowers.

4. Visit Kansa Qila to Go Back in Time

Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura:

Kansa Qila shares a mythology with the majority of Mathura’s tourism destinations. It is said that Kansa, the dictatorial maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, lived in this historic location thousands of years ago.

Raja Man Singh constructed the historical site that you can see now. Maharaj Sawai Jai Singh later erected an observatory, although there are no apparent remnants of it at the moment. This fort on the Yamuna River’s banks exhibits a fusion of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles, despite being in ruins now.


5. Discover the Top Things to Do in Mathura:

Many ponds, kunds, or reservoirs exist in the holy city of Mathura where pilgrims can bathe for religious purposes. One such well-known reservoir is Kusum Sarovar. It is thought to be the location where Lord Krishna met his gopis or sakhis in the past. The pond, which is 60 feet deep and 450 feet long, is accessible through a flight of stairs and is surrounded by magnificent royal structures and the cenotaphs of Bharatpur’s emperors.

Shyam Kund and Radha Kund in Gokul, Potra Kund next to Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, and Lalita Kund in Nidhivan are further revered ponds. More than 25 beautiful ghats, including the more well-known Vishram Ghat and Cheer Ghat, can be found in Mathura.

6. A Look Back at an Older Time




Plan a trip to the Government Museum, also known as the Mathura Museum in Uttar Pradesh, if you want a short look into the past of this well-known tourist site. This museum was established in 1874 by F.S. Grouse and is made of red sandstone. Its unusual octagonal shape makes it easy to recognize from a distance.

Several intriguing archaeological artifacts, including as terracotta artifacts, coins, seals, paintings, and stone sculptures, will be on show throughout your stay. The centerpiece of this location is thought to be its collection of Kushan-era artwork.

7.Go TO shopping 


Shopping in Mathura’s well-known markets, Chhata Bazaar, Tilak Dwar, and Krishna Nagar Market, is one of the city’s most popular activities. One of the oldest places to shop in Mathura is Chhata Bazaar, where you can find costumes, jewelry for idols, rosaries, gorgeous silver anklets, and clothing at the Kanhaiya Cloth Market.

The ideal location to buy religious things, handicrafts, brass statues, sculptures, and ornamental objects is Tilak Dwar, also known as Holy Gate. The legendary Brijwasi Mithai Wala, where you must eat peda and other Indian sweets and snacks, is one of its many highlights. Additionally, Krishna Nagar is an affluent neighborhood where consumers flock to its namesake high-end market in search of branded goods, bangles, fake jewelry, etc.


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