PM Modi to be Inaugrated Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi

by Vedika Soni
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Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi

Last updated on February 10th, 2024 at 06:49 am

PM Modi to be Inaugrated Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi

In February, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the historic Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi. According to Baps Swaminarayan Sanstha, the group building the temple, Mr. Modi is expected to attend an evening dedication abu dhabi temple opening date on February 14 following the consecration and blessing of seven deities during special morning prayers.

The public is then invited to visit the first traditional hand-carved Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, situated in the Abu Mureikha neighborhood of Abu Dhabi, off the main highway connecting Dubai and the capital, on February 18.The much-anticipated holy complex, with its stunning sculptures set in white marble and pink sandstone, is still under construction, but work is moving quickly.

Scaffolding obscures the elaborate sculptures, but now soaring pinnacles and elegant marble arches are clearly apparent. Sculptors will complete the interior work by the end of the month, at which point the covers will come off.

The temple project director, Pranav Desai, told The National, “On February 14 morning, there will be the murti pratishtha, or invocation of the murtis (idols), and in the evening, we will have a public dedication ceremony in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

“To see the last phase, the last stretch of work, being completed is truly overwhelming for us.”

The proposal was introduced by Mr. Modi in 2018 when he unveiled the prototype, which featured a monument with seven spires to represent the Emirates.

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Seven emirates and seven spires :

Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi

The distinctive shape of the temple, its seven shikhars, or spires, and its carved pink masonry now rise out of the UAE desert terrain. The sculpture work started in 2020.

“A miracle has occurred here. In a video aired during recent prayers to honor the installation of the spires, Mahant Swami Maharaj, the spiritual teacher of the Baps, observed, “A lotus has blossomed in the desert. “Each segment narrates the life and teachings of a deity revered by Hindus all over India, with the spires standing in for the Emirates.

As a gesture of respect for all religions, the etchings also incorporate lessons from all cultures.”The spires are our way of saying thank you to the leadership; they symbolically represent the seven emirates of the UAE,” stated Mr. Desai.

“Indian gods from the north, south, east, and west will be represented among the seven spires.”In addition, there will be fourteen timeless stories that demonstrate how love transcends all cultural boundaries, drawn from the Arabic, Chinese, Aztec, and Mesopotamian traditions.”

The temple will be accessible to members of all faiths and have space for 8,000–10,000 people.Two streams of water that represent the Ganga and Yamuna rivers in India are visible to tourists as they enter.

Marvel of Architecture :

Over the previous three years, 402 white marble pillars have been carved by more than 2,000 artisans in the Indian regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat.The amount of detail involved in a single pillar can take four artisans at least a year to complete.

With tales from Indian texts and a thousand figurines of spiritual gurus and goddesses sculpted into the ceiling and columns, no pillar is the same.Beautiful sculptures depict peacocks, elephants, horses, camels, the moon’s phases, and musicians playing sitars or thumping drums.More than 1,400 tiny pillars are carved to ornament one exceptionally ornate pillar. Mr. Desai stated, “This needed to be carved with such precision.”

Bringing cultures together :

Buildings housing prayer halls, a community center hosting cultural events, a library, a children’s park, and an amphitheater with a stream cutting through it round the temple complex.

Inside the compound, a sand dune is being recreated, which visitors must cross to get to the visitor center where they must register and go through security.

After performing darshan (prayer), people will feel as though they are sitting on the Ganga river’s ghats, Mr. Desai remarked, alluding to the flight of steps that lead to rivers in India.

There is a sense that the Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi because we built a sand dune on the opposite side.

“Through the temple, two already closely connected countries and cultures are brought even closer together.”

The temple will host prayer ceremonies as part of a festival of harmony starting on February 10.

The historic deity consecration ritual was set on February 14 because it coincides with Vasanth Panchami, a Hindu holiday that marks the arrival of spring.

 faith :

Every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., there are prayers, and guests are welcome to participate in a ceremony to bless the bricks that will be used in the building. “Thousands of community members from all over the UAE continue to join the prayers,” Mr. Desai stated.

“I’m thrilled that this will unite people from all cultures and represent the Hindu faith.”Approximately 1,200 temples have been constructed by the Baps organization in Australia, Kenya, South Africa, the US, and India.

President Sheikh Mohamed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, donated more than 5.4 hectares of land to the Indian community in 2015, where the temple is currently being constructed.People are eager to donate their time to volunteer organizations worldwide.

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