Checkout these Best places to visit in India in May

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these Best places to visit in India in May

May’s hot and humid days can be difficult to handle. In these tough times, you need to go somewhere cold to refresh your body and mind. Fortunately, the country of India has many of nice places to visit throughout the summer. However, deciding on the Best places to visit in India in May is not straightforward.

Here’s a list of the Best places to visit in India in May.

Read the descriptions below and determine which location is right for you!

1. Kotagiri, Nilgiri

 these Best places to visit in India in May

Kotagiri is a tiny town in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri district, sitting at a height of 5,882 feet above sea level. It is recognized for its scenic beauty, tea plantations, and mild weather. The town is a bizarre and attractive resort that offers a peaceful escape from the rush and bustle of daily life. You will have various possibilities for hiking and trekking, including the famed climb to the Kodanad Viewpoint. Kotagiri, Nilgiri is one of the Best places to visit in India in May.

The town of Kotagiri is bordered by stunning tea plantations, which add to its charm. Catherine Falls, located in Kotagiri, is a stunning waterfall that you must see.

2. Munnar, Kerala

 these Best places to visit in India in May

Munnar is an Famous  hill station in Kerala, It is  located about 1,600 meters above sea . This region is known for its huge tea plantations, Amazing  natural beauty, lush green hills, and diverse flora and fauna. You are free to explore the areas because the summers are generally warm around here. Munnar, Kerala is one of the Best places to visit in India in May

Eravikulam National Park is a popular tourist destination famed for its Neelakurinji blooms. This flower blooms once every twelve years, making it an intriguing sight to behold. Some of Munnar’s top tourist attractions include Mattupetty, Anamudi Peak, Chinnakanal and Anayirangal, Pallivasal, and the Tea Museum.

The area also provides adventurous activities such as trekking and rock climbing. Trek to Meesapulimala, the second-highest peak in the western ghats, is something you should

3. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra tripowe.com

Mahabaleshwar, located in Maharashtra, India, is a scenic hill station famed for its breathtaking scenery and mild climate. In May, some of the greatest spots to visit in Mahabaleshwar are Mapro Garden is famous for its strawberry plantation and hosts the annual Strawberry Festival, giving delightful pleasures including ice cream and fruit salads Lingamala Falls is  A natural spot suitable for picnics and photography, with stunning waterfalls and adjacent attractions including the Chinaman and Dhobi waterfalls. Mini Kashmir, known for its pastoral beauty and adventurous jungles, provides a terrific experience for travelers.

These are just a handful of the lovely spots to visit in Mahabaleshwar in May, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, solitude, and adventure for an unforgettable experience.

4. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills tripowe.com

Horsley Hills, also known as the ‘Ooty of Andhra’, is a picturesque hill station located between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. According to legend, the hill station was named after W. D. Horsley, a British general. The region is filled with lush forests, rolling hills, and stunning meadows, making it a haven for nature lovers and adventurers.

One of Horsley Hills’ primary attractions is the Horsley Hill Zoo, which houses a variety of animal and bird species. If you’re coming with your family, the children can learn more about the local fauna.

Aside from that, you can explore Gali Bandalu, where the wind blows all day, making it an ideal site for a walk. The area is also recognized for its adventure activities, including trekking, rope sliding, zorbing, and much more.

5. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

 these Best places to visit in India in May

Mount Abu, in the Aravalli Range in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district, is the state’s lone hill station. Mount abu is one of the Beautiful Sunset destinations in India .This area is known for its scenic beauty, cool temperature, and significant historical and religious landmarks, particularly for Jains.

Because the summers in this section of Rajasthan are mild, it provides a welcome respite from the sands’ heat. If the state of Rajasthan is calling your name, consider taking a Mount Abu excursion in May.

Mount Abu is famous for its verdant vistas, tranquil lakes, and luxurious green meadows. Guru Shikhar, the Aravalli Range’s highest peak, is located here. Another popular tourist site is the Dilwara temples, a collection of five Jain temples that are remarkable examples of Nagara architecture.

6. Kudremukh, Karnataka

Kudremukh, Karnataka tripowe.com

Kudremukh, located in the district of Chikmagalur in the state of Karnataka, is a well-known South Indian tourist destination. Kudremukh offers breathtaking views, thick woods, and trekking trails. In May, the weather is hot during the day but nice at night. Explore the destinations this time before the monsoon arrives.

In May, the scenery at Kudremukh is green and vibrant, providing a lovely backdrop for outdoor activities. Explore Kudremukh’s several hikes, including the Kudremukh Peak Trek, which leads to the region’s highest peak.Don’t miss the Unesco World Heritage Site Varaha Parvatha, a 1458-meter-tall mountain range.

7. Sandakphu, West Bengal

Sandakphu, West Bengal tripowe.com

Sandakphu, West Bengal, India, provides a wonderful experience in May, with its stunning scenery and unique attractions. Some of the greatest spots to visit in Sandakphu during this period are Enjoy the panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks of the Singalila and Kanchenjunga ranges, which provide a stunning and refreshing backdrop.

Sandakphu is a trekker’s wonderland and a wonderful paradise for adventure seekers, offering an excellent view of mountains and a bizarre trek stretched over a long distance. Alpine Vegetation is the the gorgeous alpine vegetation along the trail, covered with birch, bamboo, and other distinctive flora, adding charm to the hiking experience.

8. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh tripowe.com

In May, Shimla, a prominent hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India, provides a nice vacation with its agreeable weather and beautiful splendor. Some of the greatest spots to visit in Shimla during May include, The Ridge,  Considered the center of Shimla, The Ridge offers spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains and is flanked with British establishments, boutiques, bars, and restaurants, creating a dynamic social hub.

Jakhoo Hill and Temple,  Covered with alpine plants, Jakhoo Hill houses the Jakhoo Temple and offers panoramic views of Shimla. It’s a peaceful place for nature lovers and spiritual searchers, Kufri is Located at an elevation of 8607 feet, Kufri provides spectacular views of snow-capped mountains and is noted for offering winter sports such as ice skating.

9. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg, Karnataka tripowe.com

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, in Karnataka, India, is a mesmerizing destination noted for its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage. Some of the top spots to visit in Coorg during May include, Abbey Falls, near Madikeri, is a renowned tourist destination known for its verdant surroundings and picturesque cascade cascading through the Western Ghats. It’s a must-see place for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Raja’s Seat is a garden in Madikeri that offers amazing views of the sunrise and is covered with lovely flowering plants. It provides a quiet location for people to enjoy nature and unwind. It is great for picnics and lazy moments. Tadiandamol Peak is For adventure seekers, Tadiandamol Peak is ideal for trekking and hiking, with spectacular views of the misty surrounds and bright flora. A gorgeous setting in the Western Ghats provides a unique experience.

10. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty, Tamil Nadu tripowe.com

Ooty, a lovely hill station in Tamil Nadu, India, has a plethora of scenic attractions to visit in May. Some of the greatest spots to visit in Ooty during this period are Ooty Botanical Garden: The Ooty Botanical Gardens, known for its gorgeous assortment of flora, are a must-see for nature lovers and photographers alike. The gardens provide a calm atmosphere and a lovely experience among stunning flowers and lush foliage.

Doddabetta summit, at 8,650 feet above sea level, is the Nilgiri range’s highest summit. It offers spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and is an ideal location for sightseeing and enjoying the natural beauty of Ooty.

St. Stephen’s Church is a magnificent architectural marvel from the nineteenth century, St. Stephen’s Church is a must-see historical attraction in Ooty. It features spectacular British colonial architecture and provides insights into the region’s history. Thread Garden is a A unique tourist attraction in Ooty, the Thread Garden showcases stunning artwork fashioned completely from thread by talented artists. It’s a wonderful site to go and appreciate amazing thread-based sculptures.

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